Don’t Feel Guilty About Making That Comfort Care Decision.


Making the decision to change the code status of your loved one from full code to comfort care can be really hard.

This is because there is always that lingering feeling of, ‘what if they turn around for the better?’

There is always that hope you have, that things may change.

When your loved one is a full code, this means that the doctors will take whatever measures they can to keep them alive.


You may have several discussions with the doctors, but when the doctors and nurses feel that they have done all that they can to save your loved one, this is the time to look into making that decision.

Some families take too long to decide, and put their loved ones through many unnecessary procedures, when they already have been told that nothing more can be done.


When you change the status of your loved one to comfort care, the emphasis moves away from trying to cure the illness by being dependent on machines, intravenous infusions and feeding tubes, to keeping the patients pain-free and free of anxiety.

When your loved ones status is comfort care, this is the time to spend more time with them.

It is a time to mend broken relationships and focus on the great times that you had, and show them your support.

For them it is a time to focus on a deeper spiritual relationship with their creator.


Hospice care is an area that families can look into.

The hospice program is designed to keep your loved ones pain-free while focusing on the emotional and spiritual needs of both the patients and their families.

Deciding to make your loved one a comfort care patient may be the best thing that you can do for them.


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