Why Joining Toastmasters Is a Must.

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If you are looking for any promotion or leadership role, you need to join a Toastmasters club.

Toastmasters clubs offer an inexpensive way for you to improve your leadership and communication skills.

A few years ago, the patients that I worked with were critically ill, and most of them were on breathing machines. I had very little communication with them. I never considered joining Toastmasters because I felt that my communication skills didn’t need improvement.

Then came the day I found myself in a position in which I needed to give a few speeches in our community. That’s when I decided to join Toastmasters.

What I’ve learnt is so much more than how to be a better communicator. I’ve learnt leadership skills, expanded my vocabulary and made some great positive friends.

In this article, I want to talk a bit about how Toastmasters works as well as the benefits and cost of membership.


How Toastmasters Works

To experience how Toastmasters works, you need to find a club near you and pay them a visit.

You can Google Toastmasters clubs near your neighborhood and find one in a convenient location.

At Toastmasters, you learn by doing or participating.

Members normally give speeches lasting five to eight minutes and they are given constructive feedback.

Guidelines for speeches are found in the communication manual which you receive once you join.

There are opportunities for giving impromptu speeches called Table Topics.

There is no instructor. An assigned evaluator will critique your speech and give you feedback.

The atmosphere is very warm, supportive and non-threatening.


Benefits of Joining

People join for various reasons. One of the benefits for health care workers is you will become a more confident communicator.

Caregivers communicate not only with patients but also with families, insurance companies and the whole medical multidisciplinary team.

If you are someone who makes lots of presentations at your place of work, this will improve with practice and at Toastmasters you will be practicing in a non-threatening environment. Nurses and Doctors in leadership roles have to make presentations frequently, and Toastmasters will benefit you.

If you suffer from the fear of public speaking, this is the place you want to be so that you can overcome that fear. As your communication and leadership skills improve, you will be more respected as a leader by your colleagues.

As a member, you will also receive a free subscription to “The Toastmaster” which is a monthly magazine that provides insights on communication, leadership, club activities and other relevant topics.


What’s The Cost?

As a new member you pay $20 membership fee which covers the cost of your two manuals, the competent communicator manual and the leadership manual.

Every six months you pay another $36.

Some clubs charge a nominal fee for minor expenses like coffee and other supplies. At Westlake Word Warriors, which is the club I attend, the fee is $8.

One of the things I regret was not joining Toastmasters early enough.

If you are serious about any promotion or you just want to practice speaking so that you can give that address at your friend’s wedding, then don’t hesitate to join Toastmasters.

For more information, you can go to the website: www.toastmasters.org

If you have not joined Toastmasters share some of your reasons.


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