Don’t Sabotage My Diet!

Temptation when nurses on diet.




As nurses, we are often reminded to stay healthy.
Not only does it make you feel good, but you have more energy to perform your daily job better.
Three months ago, I decided that on my two weeks vacation I would eat healthy, avoid chocolate and exercise five days a week.

I actually surprised myself by doing better than expected.

After the two weeks, I had lost four pounds.
That may not seem like a lot to some people, but for me it was a big deal because I have certainly reached a plateau in my weight loss endeavors.
I felt good and my stomach was kind of flat and not sticking out.
The day I reported back to work, everyone said I looked great, and I must have lost some weight.
I felt  thrilled and excited.

Half an hour later, the same coworkers that had just been praising how good I looked, were offering me chocolate.
“Hey,  someone brought chocolate! Have a piece!”
I told myself that I would not fall for the temptation.
But every time I looked at the direction of the jar, the chocolate appeared to be calling me! Or was it my imagination?

Isn’t it strange how chocolate appears in the department when you’ve just decided to go on a diet?
There was chocolate in the break room, chocolate in the kitchen, at the nurses’ station and I started feeling that it was following me around.
OK, I told the chocolate,” just one small piece for today.”
“Oh no, I decided!”
I was not going to fall for the usual temptation.

What are some foods that tempt you and sabotage your diet?