Tips on Finding the Best Nursing Recruitment Agency.

Many nurses look for jobs through nursing recruitment agencies.

There are several of them online and it can be quite difficult to know which one is the best for you.

There are some things that you need to focus on to avoid applying to an agency that will not meet your needs.


  • Years in Business

It’s necessary to know how long the agency you’re applying to has been doing business.

I know of one agency that had the most attractive website with lots of bells and whistles on it.

This agency asked for a fee upfront with no guarantee that you would get a job.

It was later discovered that the website was one big hoax by someone who had found an easy way of making money online.

Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate organization.

Testimonials from previous employees and a record of doing business successfully for at least over two years are good indicators.


  • Know what you are looking for?

You need to establish what type of work you want.

If you are an operating room nurse, make sure the agency offers that position.

If you do not want a home health-based job, then avoid applying to home health agencies.

It may appear obvious, but applicants do this all the time.

All this does is waste the agencies’ time as well as yours because, in the end, you will not get what you want.

  • Location

Find out where you will be posted should they offer you a job. Find out as much as you can about the place and facility. Ask questions like: Is it convenient? Will you travel many miles to get to work?

If it is a travel nurse job, you will be required to go to a different location or state. Make sure this is something you want to do.

Discuss this with your family and make sure everyone’s on board.

If the agency requires you to move to a different location, ask if they will provide paid housing as part of the package or if you will pay your own rent.


  • International Nurses

If you are an international nurse, I would encourage you to compare the different recruitment agencies and ask lots of questions. Send your questions by email, call the agency by phone or use Skype if that’s an option. Don’t be afraid to ask several questions.

Avoid making any assumptions in case you travel many miles for a job placement, only to be disappointed because you didn’t find what you expected.


  • Benefits

Compare the benefits that they offer with those of other recruiters.

Find out what salary they are offering.

Don’t get too excited if it appears to be high pay before you look at other benefits as well.

Some nursing agencies offer less pay but have great benefits, which may be what you need.

Look at their savings plan. Ask if they have anything in place for retirement.


Take a look at their medical, dental and vision plans. How much will you pay upfront should you be ill? Find out if they cover your family also.

Continuous education for nurses is always required. Ask if they will pay for CEU’s, ACLS and BLS recertification.

Some agencies give bonuses. These could be signing bonuses or a bonus after working some years for them.

If they provide you with a signing bonus, it may be attached to a commitment to work for them for a number of years. Make sure you know if this is the case.

I know a number of nurses who take signing bonuses but after a while feel they cannot continue with the job and quit. They usually have to repay the bonus because they broke the contract.


  • Support

Make sure the agency you choose is supportive. Communicate clearly with them and build a relationship.

There is nothing as bad as feeling that your company does not care about you.

That’s why reading or hearing testimonials from others is really important.


Share some of your experiences about looking for a recruitment agency in the comments section.


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