5 Favorite National Nurses Week Gifts.

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The joy of celebrating “National Nurses Week” is trying to guess what gifts the nurses will receive each year.
Having worked in several hospitals, I’ve received all sorts of gifts.
Ranging from the usual pens , candy and diaries, to more interesting gifts like triangular-shaped bar soap, homemade earrings that fell apart before I wore them, and a giant size clock that sang “Oh when the saints!” at every change of the hour.


There are two ultimate no! no! gifts that I have received.
One was a red and orange mug that I had seen at the dollar store selling at “buy two and get one free.”
I was really happy to get this mug and I quickly washed it and poured in my hot cup of coffee.
Crash! The coffee and mug fell on the floor. Coffee spilled all over, including on my new white scrubs and pieces of the mug scattered on the floor. In my hand was the leftover piece of the handle.


The second ultimate no! no! gift, was a blue plastic hand bag.

It looked like plastic, but when you felt the material, the fabric felt more like plastic mixed with tissue.

After my shift I decided to put one of my books inside this wonderful bag.
I had hardly walked ten feet when the book hit my foot like it was out to attack me.
Yes, there was a big hole at the bottom of ‘the bag’, or let’s just call it… “the gift item.”


Favorite gift

In today’s economy where we need to spend wisely, my number one favorite gift is a gift card.
It can be a fuel or grocery store card. It does not matter whether the amount is 10 dollars or 50 dollars. I am always thankful.


My second favorite is a calculator.



Third on the list is a fruit basket. This is a thoughtful gift. Apples, oranges, grapes arranged colorfully are always well received.


One year we all received an assortment of beverages. There was tea, coffee, hot chocolate and more. This comes forth.



My fifth best gift was a potted plant. I will never forget that year. I watered the plant and tried my best not to let it die.
It lasted three months and I was really happy.
I always felt good when I looked at it in the living room. It made me feel that my employer actually valued me.

What are your favorite gifts?

Send a nurse that you honor a gift during the upcoming national nurses week.


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  1. Abraham says:

    I think it is very important that we celebrate nurses this week and really everyday because of the tireless effort that they put in taking great care of us and our loved ones in several healthcare facilities. Thank you so much and Nurses, we love love you!
    God bless!