Don’t Make Your Day Off Another Double Shift !

Many health workers fall into the trap of making a long “to do” list on their day off.
This makes the day off feel like another double shift.
Then when they return to work, it’s no wonder they are so tired.

Being tired is a real issue and can affect your body in a negative way.
Symptoms can start mild and get progressively worse.

Mild headaches can become severe migraines.
Your day off ought to be a time to rest.

Busy Day Off

It sounds so simple, but not many nurses ever do it.
Few nurses nowadays take the time to rest.
If you noticed, I said “take the time.”
You need to seriously plan to rest on your day off.

Prioritizing your “to do” list is important, but first on the agenda ought to be taking time to rest.
If you have twelve hours for your day off, it’s a good idea to decide that six of those hours will be your time to rest.
You can use the other six hours to do whatever is priority on your “to do” list like: paying bills, grocery shopping and servicing your car.

When prioritizing, try to shorten your list to three or four items and spread the rest across your other two or three days off.
Other items with less priority can be moved to the next week.
But remember, the most important thing about your off day is to find time to rest.

Resting can mean different things to different people.
It can be something as simple as sleeping more.
It’s OK to sleep longer on your day off; your body needs it.

Do whatever makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
Meditating will give you rest.
You can also get a pedicure or facial or body massage.

Do an activity that you enjoy, like walking or reading.
Take a long warm bath and sing in the tub.

Resting comes with a number of benefits.
It slows your heart rate and decreases muscle tension.
This makes you feel relaxed and uplifts your mood.
When your mood is uplifted, your attitude tends to be more positive.
Being tired tends to make you irritable.

With enough rest your immunity is enhanced, and you are less likely to get minor infections like colds.
Your concentration is better when you are relaxed, and you’re more mentally focused.

Next time you have day off, avoid the temptation to try to complete too many tasks, otherwise it will feel like another double shift.

Share how you spend your day off.

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  1. This post is music to my ears! Thank you!! I definitely used to be a nurse who “did” everything on my days off. And your point about “no wonder we’re so tired” now makes total sense. I will take this lesson and embrace it and share it along with the nurses I know, thank you. I agree with you about prioritizing- I think that making a list of things to do is a great idea, as is blocking our time. You share a good point- whatever the amount of time you have on your off day- ensuring you spend half of those hours in rest. Thank you for a great idea!! I loved your article- simple, practical, and to the point. Great share. Have a healthy day, Elizabeth Scala

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Elizabeth.
      It’s really easy to fall into the trap of trying to do every pending thing.
      I’m glad that you value resting. Please do share with other nurses.

  2. John says:

    Hii Joyce!! thanks for the new book am enjoying it and its very interesting on how everything I have read so far is so true but also easily applicable if the new employee wants to avoid drama this book has all the answers..I appreciate what you are doing it really goes a long way. God bless..thumbs up for the new look of the website

    • Joyce says:

      I’m so happy to hear that the eBook is helpful.
      Thanks for appreciating the new look as well.