May Challenge – Give A Nurse A Gift!

 National Nurses Week







May is the month that nurses are remembered and honored.

“National Nurses Week” is celebrated annually from May 6th to 12th .

Nurses are professionals that are dedicated to caring for others.




At this time of the year, you have an opportunity to show a nurse that you care for him or her.

Think about the things that your nurse did for you or your loved one.

Your nurse took care of you or your loved one when they could not take care of themselves.

They fed and nurtured them when they were weak and ill.

The nurse kept your family updated with all the information that you needed.

They gave counsel and advice when you were not sure about you or your family’s disease process.

The nurse gave you and your family moral support during the hard times that you were facing.


May is the month that you can show a nurse that you appreciate what they do.

The challenge is to go out of your way and give them a gift.

You can bake them a cake or make them a fruit basket.

You can make a selection from the shop on this site.

There are a variety of gifts that nurses will appreciate.

Nurses do so much, and often times they do not hear the words,

“I appreciate what you do,” enough.


This is your time to show them that you appreciate them.

Share with us what you did to show a nurse that you care.