Why Gratitude Is an Essential Attitude for Every Nurse.




There are days when you have negative experiences at your place of work.

You may catch yourself still dwelling on negative thoughts surrounding the

experience three days later.

What you have done to your mind is allow the negative thoughts to occupy

a space that should be occupied by thoughts of gratitude and positivity.

As nurses, an attitude of gratitude is essential for our survival in this career.

The work that we do can be stressful at times.

When all is going well, it is easy to be grateful.  It’s when things are not so great that we need to push ourselves to be grateful. In this article I want us to discuss three things that can help us do that.


  • Make a decision

Decide that stress will not take over your thoughts. You can control those negative thoughts by choosing to fill your mind with positive ones.

Stress can mask a situation and make it seem worse than it really is.

Your boss may tell you that he or she wants to see you in the office the next day.

You find that you cannot sleep because you allow your mind to start imagining all sorts of things that you could have done wrong. You even start to imagine the worst, which includes seeing yourself getting fired.

When you meet with your boss the next day, you find out the only problem is that you did not complete your paperwork concerning your medical coverage.

Imagine all the unnecessary stress that you caused yourself. Had you chosen to focus on a more positive reason you may be called to the office, it would have made all the difference.


  • Change your perspective

Remember that happiness is a state of mind. You can decide to be happy, or you can dwell on all the negatives all day.

If you are truly in a situation where you are in trouble, decide to focus on something positive

Always remember that your mind is very powerful.

You have the power to talk your mind into focusing on what is uplifting.

You can choose to be grateful no matter what circumstances you are facing.

This will change the way you see things and make things not seem so bad.


  • Count Your Blessings

Sometimes it helps to sit quietly and just count your blessings.

Be grateful for the opportunity that you have to touch someone’s life.

Be grateful for the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skills and the gift you give to patients and families when you take care of them.

Having an attitude of gratitude is not an option – it is essential to every nurse.


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  1. This is beautiful, Joyce. Gratitude is so imperative to our health and overall well-being. I believe that gratitude is not an option too! I think that gratitude is quite possibly one of the most uplifting emotions we have been blessed with. When we are grateful we are in the present moment. We can let go of worry and fear. And we are able to enjoy, smile, laugh, and grow!
    Have a healthy day,

    • Joyce says:

      You’re right Elizabeth. Gratitude is also an emotion.
      I like the way you remind us that it can make us smile and laugh and enjoy life.

  2. Nimbua says:

    This article is extremely relevant in my nursing career right now. How encouraging and concise. Gratitude and happiness are a state of mind. Thank you.

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks for sharing about how relevant the article was to you.
      And you are right, gratitude is a state of mind.

  3. Loice says:

    Very Uplifting article! I like the part where you wrote “Having an attitude of gratitude is NOT an option” Too true!

    • Joyce says:

      So true Loice.
      Sometimes we forget how important gratitude is.