Are Nurses Good At Saving Money?






When it comes to money, how good are you at saving?
Some of you may say it depends on how much a nurse makes.
Some salaries can be considered high and others considered low, depending on where you work and your specialty.


I once worked in a country where nurses were the lowest paid among professionals.
I envied my friends who were teachers and secretaries because some of them earned double my pay.
The fact that I had little pay was no excuse not to save.


Saving money is an important habit to form because it is the key to growing wealth.
Wealth means different things to different people.
I’m not talking about winning the lottery or having millions that you don’t know what to do with.
By wealth, I mean that you will have resources which will give you more ability to do stuff.
For example, if you have an emergency, you have the means of dealing with it.
Wealth means you are more stable financially and you have extra cash for a rainy day.
You can plan to do the fun things you love, like taking a vacation or buying property.

In this article, I want to share some tips on how you can save more money.

  • Use cash instead of your credit card.

If you have to shop for small items like groceries, use cash.
Your credit card has a fee, and the more you use it the higher your fee, so use it only for items that you cannot avoid, like shopping online or renting a car.

Get into the habit of using cash.

  • Get rid of your debt.

Debt is not your friend. Avoid it at all costs, and plan how you can reduce and finally end it.

  • Cut your eating out expenses.

Some of you have a habit of eating out almost every day. Others always eat at the hospital cafeteria. This can get expensive over time.
If you have breakfast and lunch at the hospital cafeteria, you may be spending about $12 a day.
Multiply that by five days, and that’s $60. That adds up to $240 in four weeks.
Imagine if you saved $240 in a month; that would be wealth right there.
It’s more economical and healthier to pack a snack.

  • Avoid spending your day off at the mall.

When your eyes feast on the fancy things that you see at the mall, your next instinct is to fall in love with that cute jacket or handbag that costs $250 dollars.

You may not necessary need it, but since you liked it, you can’t stop thinking about it and your next action is to buy it.

If you want to go for a walk, a nature walk is best.
Go to the park, and just admire the beauty of the trees and flowers. You will feel peaceful,

and you will not have the temptation that the mall presents.

  • Enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

The fact that you want to save money does not mean that you have to deny yourself completely and start to live like a pauper.
You can have fun that is inexpensive; have a picnic, play volleyball in the park, or join a drama group if you like acting.
Life is meant to be enjoyed – just be wise about it.

Share with us some of the things you do to save your money.
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