Why Smile?

Why Smile?






I once worked in a hospital where we were always reminded during the weekly staff meetings not to forget to smile.
It felt like smiling was part of the uniform. If you didn’t smile enough, then it was equated to being improperly dressed.
Particularly when the bosses were around, you would quickly wear your smile and try to look like “super nurse.”

After a while, nurses started getting tired of faking their smiles to look like they were obeying hospital policy.

It became more of a chore rather than a joy.
How about you? Are you also under pressure to smile at work?
How about those days when you certainly don’t feel like smiling?
What happens then?

Let’s remember that nurses are human. They feel depressed and sad on some days. You may be having a bad day with things not going right.
Does this mean that you have to fake a smile just to look professional?
Nurses, like everyone else, will be unhappy on some days.
However, we can learn how to smile and be genuine about it.
We should not smile simply because it is the employer’s policy about “good customer service,” but rather because smiling brings us some great advantages.
Let’s consider some proven benefits of smiling:

Benefits of smiling
Smiling has been known to reduce stress and alter your mood, making you feel better.
I don’t think patients expect you to smile aimlessly.

Imagine if a patient was crying in pain and you were smiling away; they would be very offended and think that you were laughing at them.

A genuine smile here and there will make them trust you.
Nurses who smile often are more likable and appear more confident. This means that patients will trust you more.
Let’s not forget that smiles are also contagious. When you smile at people, more often than not you will receive a smile back.

Denis Waitley says;
“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring and sharing person inside.”

Are you someone who smiles easily, or do you find it difficult to smile?

I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Dixie Langston says:

    Smiling is contagious! And it’s good for you mentally and physically! Myself or someone else may be having a bad day, but a smile can turn all that around.

    : )

    Dixie Langston, RN, BSN

    • Joyce says:

      You are right. There is nothing lovely like a smile – and it has its benefits.