How New Nurses Can Answer the Question, “Why should we hire you?”


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It’s getting harder for fresh new nurses straight out of college to get jobs.

Companies prefer to hire experienced nurses and will only take on new grads who stand out in the interview.

The question you should always expect during the interview is this: “Why should we hire you?”


Think about this question, and prepare your answer prior to the interview.

Practice in front of the mirror to make you more confident in answering, if you have to.

It is one of the most important questions and can determine whether you get the job or not.

In this article, I want to talk about some answers you want to give.


  • Tell them you are a good team player

You want to mention your experience in working well with others.

If you have worked as a nurse assistant, you will mention how well you worked with other nurses.

If you never had hospital work experience, refer to the volunteer work you did and how well you served on the team.

Giving answers from your clinical experience is not something I would recommend.

Focus on what you actually did, stressing how well you work with others.

  • Tell them you are teachable

Talk about how you love to learn and are easy to teach.

Tell them how you are a fast learner, and remember, the company does not want to spend too much time training you because this costs them.

You want to give them the impression that you only need to be taught something once.


  • Tell them you are loyal

Companies do not want to employ people who come late to work and do not complete their task for the day.

This puts a burden on the other workers and is costly in the long run.

Tell them how you complete your tasks quickly and are considerate to your coworkers by reporting to work on time.

Talk about your past experience on how you faithfully worked making Impressive handbags as an example.


  • Tell them why you are an asset

Tell them you like the company and would be honored if they gave you the job.

Tell them how you’ll do your best to add value to them, and give examples.

You need to express that you have something to offer the company.

Tailor your strengths around these points, and give the interviewer some examples about the things you have done in the past.


Companies are looking for employees who will add value to them.

Giving the right answer is easy if you understand what the interviewer is looking for.


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  1. Marsha Favors says:

    Thank You for being such an inspiration. continue on with the work that you are doing for it is complete with encouragement, and hope.

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Marsha.
      I’m so happy when I can give encouragement.
      You also inspire me with your kind words.