4 Important Tools to Consider when Collaborating with Others






Working in a busy unit can be stressful particularly when the individual assignments are very heavy.

One nurse I know worked in such a unit and every day she complained about how disorganized and busy the work environment was.

Even though she was so busy,  she  felt she spent half the time running up and down the halls with no plan. This made her more frustrated and stressed.

After a few discussions with her, I suggested she should have a meeting with the other nurses on the floor and come up with some solutions.

She took the suggestion and they had a successful meeting.

Some of their solutions included:

  • Taking care of no more than five patients per nurse.
  • Allocating one nurse to take any admissions they may get during the shift.
  • If you were the admission’s nurse, you would be allocated only 3 patients maximum, on that day.

When they took the suggestions to their manager, he was willing to let them try out the new ideas.

These three simple changes made the work environment easier and more pleasant.

When nurses collaborate, they do better work, the patients are better cared for and the business or company benefits.

When it comes to collaboration, there are 4 important tools to consider.

  1. Someone has to advocate for the idea.

It‘s one thing to talk about an idea, but it’s more meaningful to share it with others so that they can collaborate with you.

2.  The idea must have a specific goal.

Knowing what the end goal is, will make people either interested or disinterested in your idea. Most people want to know what’s in it for them.

3.   People must love the idea and the benefit it provides or the outcome.

People will love your idea if they see how it will benefit them. There are lots of good ideas out there, but if there is no benefit for the individual approached, they most likely will not get involved.

4.  People should be able to come up with other ideas.

You may have a great idea, but you must be open to other suggestions from the people you want to involve. It cannot be only your way of doing things even if you are the original author. If you do not allow other suggestions, your followers will quit.









The word collaboration is used more in business. It means two or more people working together to achieve a set goal.

When I started my consulting service, I realized I needed to collaborate more with other organizations. Collaboration will assist me to help my clients achieve better outcomes.

In today’s world, it is practically impossible to succeed alone. You need to collaborate with others in many ways.

Collaboration is much more than cooperating; it involves making things move and taking action.

People tend to mix the two words, collaboration and cooperation -but they stand for different values.

Collaboration is a sign of strong leadership.

In order to collaborate successfully, you need to build relationships with others and develop trust.


Share some ways in which you collaborate?


This post was written for the ‘Nurse Blog Carnival’ which is a collaboration of nurse bloggers, coordinated by Brittney Wilson. This month the host is RNFM Radio.


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  1. Joyce,

    These are great tips.

    I think the challenge comes for many nurses in advocating for themselves. We advocate for the patients we serve without even thinking twice, but for some reason we find it really hard to advocate for ourselves.

    P.S. 5 patients on day shift is a nightmare!

    • Joyce says:

      Nurses are people who always put others before themselves.
      This is so true, I wish more nurses would advocate for themselves.

  2. Making a plan and setting goals is key to getting through the shift! This is great information. Thanks for sharing!

    • Joyce says:

      You are right Kathy.
      Planning and setting goals.

  3. As an entrepreneur I believe that we can reach a certain point of success as an individual entity, but you really start to flourish when establishing partnerships and collaborative practice to reach a much higher level of success.

    Great post Joyce.

    • Joyce says:

      Yes Kevin.
      Collaborating really makes one flourish because it opens
      avenues that one may have not known about.

  4. “Disorganized and busy is the MO of most nursing organizations. LOL!!! Still it is a problem/solution model. You offer realistic solutions and yes, collaboration is a sign of leadership. Keep on leading dear Joyce!

    • Joyce says:

      Sad but true Annette, most units are disorganized.
      More people need to collaborate without feeling threatened.
      Thanks for visiting.

  5. Loved this post. Until you pointed it out I had never really thought about the difference in collaboration and cooperation. But, you are right….collaboration is more of a proactive way of being! Thanks for pointing this out.

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Erica.
      Many people use the words interchangeably, but they really are different.
      Thanks for visiting.

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