Can your International Nursing Education Enable you to Take the NCLEX Exam?


Linda had completed all her nursing courses in Haiti. However, she had not taken her government’s nursing exam.

Her uncle who lived in Tennessee wanted her to work in America. She wondered if the courses she had completed would enable her to sit for her NCLEX exam.

The only snag was, she had not yet done the National Nursing Exam and so she was not a recognized nurse in Haiti even though she had completed her nursing program.


Linda got in touch with me and during our consulting session we considered three things.

  • Getting in touch with the Board of Nursing.
  •  Getting her course work transferred?
  •  Enrolling in a University that would recognize her completed coursework.


Linda managed to enroll into a School of Nursing in Tennessee.

The Nursing school accepted most of her credits, but she had to take two semesters of course-work to meet the college’s requirements before she could graduate.

After she graduated, she was able to take her NCLEX exam.

Linda passed her licensing exam and is now working as a Registered Nurse in Tennessee.

There is a lot of information you can get from this book, The Foreign Nurses Guide to Settling in America.


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