10 Mistakes Nurses Should Avoid Making on LinkedIn


Knowing why you use LinkedIn is important because you will avoid mistakes that make you look ridiculous.

There are several reasons why people use LinkedIn. Some common reasons include:



  • Building your professional profile

If you are seeking a job, you want your profile to appear well written and attractive.

It should have all the ingredients that make for a good employee and be as good as a cover letter. It should be your selling tool.

  • Getting news

Other people use the service to get the latest news. I, for instance, like to read trends in business and in the nursing profession.

  • To recruit people

Many recruiters look for potential employees on LinkedIn. That’s why your profile should stand out if you hope to find a job.


  • Be in touch with friends

Some people want to be in touch with friends, and LinkedIn provides a good venue for connecting.

  • To learn more from group discussions

There are many different nursing groups with lots of discussion topics.

You can learn a lot, ask questions, get advice, and get different perspectives on any issue.

Having looked at the common reasons why people use LinkedIn, let’s look at ten mistakes you should avoid.


  1. Having no profile picture







When I see a faceless profile, I wonder what the person is trying to hide.

Get a picture so that people have an idea what you look like.


2.  Using your pet as your profile picture


Oh yes! There are many cats, dogs and even favorite shoes used as profile pictures on LinkedIn.

If you really want people to take you seriously, you want to put the jokes aside and have your picture.




 3.  Posting every hour

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You know the saying, “too much of anything is poisonous.”

LinkedIn is a different social platform than twitter.

When people see the same person post every time, they automatically switch off.

It is unlikely the posts will be read, particularly in the group discussions.



4.  Spamming others

This is an absolute no-no! If you get reported, you will be kicked out of groups and from the network. I’ve seen it happen too many times.


5.  Using LinkedIn like Facebook












Posting too many face book-like pictures gives the impression that you are using the wrong social  platform for your agenda, and don’t understand your audience.


6.  Assuming everyone is job-hunting

Not everyone that is on LinkedIn is job hunting. Telling people you can give them a job every day can become tiring.


7.  Marketing to everyone

Constantly telling people their website needs more traffic and you are just the person to do that gets irritating.

Be polite when making requests without assuming everyone needs your service.

More importantly, build relationships first before marketing your product.


  8.  Ignoring personal messages

Check your profile frequently and respond to personal messages. No need in joining a network if you do not want to be active.


9.  Like me!

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Telling people to make sure they like you on Facebook,  follow you on Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, StumbeUpon and Instagram.

It is really bad to look desperate for likes. People will think you are truly odd.


  10.  Not getting professional help with your profile

If you really want a job, you need someone to make sure your profile is attractive and makes you look like the best candidate for the job.

There are many mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn. Now it’s your turn to tell us some mistakes people make on LinkedIn that you’ve noticed.



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  1. Joyce, great post. I agree that social media is a network that is professional, therefore making it unique in how it is used. I recently have gotten great help from the book ‘The LinkedIn Code’ with updating my professional profile. I agree with you that getting support and using LinkedIn via the tips you share will benefit any nurse professional. Great article, thank you.

    Enjoy the day,

    • Joyce says:

      Yes Elizabeth.
      LinkedIn does stand out as a professional network. Thanks for sharing the ‘LinkedIn Code’
      It looks like a book that has lots to teach. Thanks for visiting and have a great day.