4 Reasons why You should Not start a Nurse Entrepreneur Business


Starting your own business can be both exciting and fun. There are many perks to owning a business. No wonder there are several new businesses starting every day.

Despite the many businesses starting daily, there are plenty of wrong reasons why people start a business. In this article, I want to look at four of them.


I hate my Boss

There are some bosses that can drive you up the wall. You can get so frustrated and determine to quit your job and begin a business. Hating your boss is not the best reason for beginning a business.

Start-ups take a lot of hard work. Your personality may not be one to run a business.

You may be a very impatient person who wants immediate results.

When you realize that you are not making the progress you desire, you will eventually give up and end up working for yet another boss.


I want to be Rich

We all want to be rich. But this should not be your primary focus. What if five years later you’re struggling with your business and you are not rich? Do you then abandon your dream?

Being rich is not a guarantee. It is certainly a desire for all business owners, but not every business owner is rich. Most are simply getting by.


I don’t want to work so hard

Don’t let anyone fool you. During the first years of your business, you will work really hard. You will find that you are doing most things by yourself.

You will have sleepless nights, and you will be exhausted on many days. If you do not like to work hard, and work long hours, then starting your business may not be the best thing for you. You are better off being employed and working scheduled hours.




Someone told me I’ll do best-owning my own business

No-one can tell you how well you will do in business. It’s a very personal choice. Remember, only you alone will have to put in the hard work to make it succeed.

Some people appear very enterprising, but this does not mean they will do well owning a business.

You need to have a passion for what you do. It has to come from your heart for it to succeed. If you are not passionate about your startup, it will most likely fail because when the going gets tough as it will, you will literally run away from it.

Many nurses want to be entrepreneurs. It’s a very rewarding career choice. 

Ever since I became one, my life is full of joy, fun and excitement.

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  1. A nice article Joyce!
    It’s refreshing to hear from another nurse who tells it like it is. It’s not as glorious as it may seem when reading other nurses’ tales of “entrepreneurship” and being a nurse in business.

    I’ve always had trouble working for other people; be it nursing or whomever, for me it’s an innate thing and I don’t like being told I can’t do something. Can you relate?

    When nurses have a bad day, week or even month, (hate your boss, as you write), is NOT a reason to step out and “follow your passion”. I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    I even have trouble with the whole “follow your passion” BS that people throw out there.
    If a nurse knew what their passion was, that’s not enough to get you the money and sales you need to NOT not fall back on a regular income to support yourself.

    In my opinion, and where I heard this, a “true” entrepreneur identifies the problems in a market, discusses the opportunities and then builds processes to allow other people and other things to do the work. They will also sell “their baby” and move on their next entrepreneurial venture, and so on.

    Where many nurses are now, and start out, is in a”freelance” state of mind. They have a “side hustle” going. Which is fine. You have to start somewhere. I encourage nurses to “do what you want to do”; not what other nurses seem to be doing. Don’t copy others; be yourself in your messages, stand out.

    I agree again with you here, most nurses in business are struggling and won’t do what’s necessary to to really grow their businesses, because it’s not enough to get the nursing continuing ed hours, to have passion or want to be rich… it requires getting rejected, saying “no” to people, missing family gatherings, etc. and working for yourself HARDER than you would ever work for anybody else.

    I say define your “why” FIRST and let that be your guide & then you’ll become more passionate about what you do as time goes on.

    Today, I only work with a handful of nurses and we are growing slowly; but surely. We do freelance work we love and we are o.k. with that. Just being freelancers. We’re not trying to impress other nurses in business… just our ideal clients who pay us well.

    You’re a good writer Joyce, best wishes to you. I will send other nurses to your blog. I know that you can help them get more clarity.

    • Joyce says:

      Lori. You are right when you point out that one needs to start with your WHY and let it be your guide. It couldn’t be said better.
      I also like that you talk about Freelancing.
      There is a formula in business that will always work. It is a 3 step formula.
      1. Start with a job/career/get some income.
      2. Move on to freelancing and aim at getting higher paying clients.
      3. BYOB (be-your-own-boss)
      Some people go straight to level 3, however it’s a struggle and few will make it.
      Lori, I can talk about business till the cows come home, so I’ll stop here for now.
      Thank you for offering to send clients my way.
      I’m starting a Blogging school in January 2015, for those who would like to build a better blog or simply learn how to blog.
      See my other Website that focuses more on business.
      Thanks again for visiting.

  2. WNJ says:

    Great piece of advice! Very direct and straight to the point. Besides having the passion for what you are going to do, you also need to have great determination and faith in yourself that you can do it.

    • Joyce says:

      You are right, one needs to have faith in themselves and believe that they will succeed.

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