Four Interview Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Have you ever done an interview and wished you could rewind the clock and redo it because you made some terrible blunders? I know the feeling.

I once arrived late for an interview. I tried to blame the weather and traffic, but I could see in the eyes of my interviewers that they were not impressed.

No wonder I didn’t get the job. That experience taught me to be thirty minutes early for any interview or an important appointment.

There are four common mistakes people make when attending interviews that you need to avoid.


  Wearing the wrong clothes

Avoid overdressing or dressing like you are about to go to a party.

Wearing jeans or looking too casual gives the wrong impression and does not work in your favor.

Dress professionally and ask your friends what they think of how you look. If your friends or family are honest, their opinion can help you look your best.


 Asking details about money

If you get into the details of how much allowance you will get, you may put off the interviewer. Ask simple questions about your salary or allowance if you have to.

Once you get the job, you can ask the people in the human resource department all the details you need.


 Name dropping

The fact that you know the company CEO’s brother does not guarantee you will get the job. In fact, revealing this information may work against you.

Your interviewers may think if they give you a job, you will become a spy for the CEO.

Unless the person you know will get you a job, keep the information about knowing him or her to yourself.


Sounding defensive

Some interviewers ask questions that you don’t expect just to see how you react.

For example: Why can’t you hold a job for more than six months?

Avoid getting irritated and sounding defensive. Relax, take a deep breath and give a positive answer like, “I wanted a job that would allow me to use my skills more.”


Your resume

The first thing you want to do before you can get an interview is to write a winning resume.

Once you do that, apply here for your job.


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