Reflect on 2014 and don’t wait to be Perfect in 2015


Are you like me who thinks this year flew by so fast?  Honestly, I feel dizzy when I think how quickly 2014 ended.

During the final Sunday of the year, we were asked to skip over a rope, leaving the cares and disappointments of last year behind, and move into the new year with great expectations.

When you reflect back on 2014, what kind of year was it for you? Did you make any mistakes? What did you learn from those mistakes?

Most people plan to do things but never get started. Some of the barriers to starting are waiting till everything is perfect. In 2014, I decided to take action and not wait for perfection.


If you’ve been following this blog closely, you will have noticed a lot of activity going on.

I’ll share five great highlights and activities that occurred this year. Some were successful, and others need improvement.

  •  I added a 24 hour message recording system. It does not matter what time zone you are. Just leave me a message anytime, and I’ll respond.


  • The second highlight was I started recording video. I am not perfect, but I decided to do it anyway because if I waited for perfection, I would never get on camera. I’m still learning how to improve the lighting and editing.  If you subscribe to my ‘You Tube channel’ TheJoyceTV, you will always know when a new video is out. The videos have great tips for you.


  • The third highlight was I completed the book, Reflections and Prayers for Nurses. Those who purchased this book have read it over and over and tell me it is very comforting and relevant.


  • I started a training site Joyzeal Academy. Mentoring is something I love to do because I believe people can improve their lives if they get the best information and teaching.


  • The fifth highlight of the year was I held my first webinar. I made a lot of mistakes organizing it but learnt from my mistakes.

dnew year




The biggest takeaway for you is; ‘Don’t Wait to be Perfect to Do Stuff.’  If you have a dream or a passion, start doing it today. You will make several mistakes, and you will not be perfect, but remember, you will get better as you go. One year down the road you will wish you started today.

What are your plans for 2015?

My plan is to connect with you even more. That is my main focus for 2015. If you’ve not entered your name into the email list, please do so today to make connecting with you possible.

You are special, and I wish you a prosperous 2015.



  1. Wonderful post! Striving to be perfect sets us up for frustration, anger, resentment and…. exhaustion! Thanks for the helpful reminders.

    • Joyce says:

      True Elizabeth.
      When we take the first step, we can keep improving as we go. If we wait for perfection, we begin to suffer from Analysis Paralysis!