5 Simple Exercises for Busy Nurses

neck exercises


We all know we need to exercise. The only problem is, many nurses are so pressed for time it’s just not possible to go to the gym or go jogging or walking after work. Some nurses work overtime or are just so stressed that they don’t have any motivation for more strenuous, difficult exercises.

You don’t have to resort to simply cutting out exercise. You can start by incorporating the following simple but very effective exercises into your routine.

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Reach up and Bend Down

This is an easy move that will help stretch your spine and the back of your legs.

It will help you to breathe deeply and relax while stretching out muscles that very well may be sore from walking all day. This is good for the nerves and good for circulation.

Start by standing straight. Now, inhale deeply and bring your arms up over your head. Exhale and swan dive forward so that you are bending over your feet.

If you are very tight in the legs, be sure to bend your knees to prevent back injury. Stay here, just letting your head hang forward. Optionally, you can fold your arms together so that each hand is holding the opposite elbow. Let your upper body hang forward and breathe. You can swing from side to side, shake your head yes and no and just feel your tension and worry melt away.

Repeat this several times until you feel good.


Sitting Down Stretch

Another great stretching exercise is this seated stretch. Sit down on the floor, on a mat or rug. Spread your legs and sit up straight. Inhale and bring your arms over your head. Exhale and stretch forward. Inhale, exhale and let your head go forward and touch the floor if it’s comfortable. Stay here for a little while, and take several breaths.

Jumping Jacks

You probably remember these from your school days. If not, it’s never too late to learn. They are simple, and they get your heart rate moving, so you improve cardiovascular health and burn lots of calories. An added plus is that any hopping motion helps to move lymph through the body that aids detoxification which in turn makes weight loss easier.

Jump out and move your arms and legs out, jump in and move your arms together. Repeat 30 times or as many times as you can until you feel the burn, are sweating and out of breath. This is quick and effective. Repeat for intensified effects.


Neck Stretches

Breathing deeply, bring your head forward three times as if nodding. Then let your head drop back three times. Then tilt your head to the right three times, and then repeat on the left. Finally, circle your head in one direction three times,  and then circle it in the other direction three times. Keep breathing deeply throughout this exercise.



Toe Raises

It’s not your toes that are being raised, but the rest of you. Here’s an easy exercise you can do anywhere if you are short on time. It is so convenient you can do it anytime. Simply stand on your feet and rise onto your toes. Come down and repeat. This improves circulation in the legs and strengthens the calves. If you sit down a lot, this will come in handy and keeps the blood circulating in your legs.


All of these exercises are simple, and many of them are familiar. Try to do them daily. They don’t take much time, and they are effective in keeping you in good health and good shape!


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