The Healing Benefits of Honey


Honey is the queen among sugars. It is a glorious golden color, ranging in shades depending on what plants the bees sourced their pollen from, flowing from the spoon directly to your mouth. Honey is also an antiseptic and is good for the liver and tough on cancer. It tastes divine and is fit for the gods!

Today, people are more health conscious and are constantly searching for ways to strengthen the body and increase their overall well-being. Some people are turning to honey whereas others are shunning it. Why would anyone turn their back on this health-giving substance?

Too much sugar in our diet is hard on the body, gets stored as body fat and the process causes the depletion of essential vitamins such as magnesium.

Sugar is not exactly good news, in general. But honey is different!

Honey contains such effective healing properties. It helps in the healing of skin conditions, soothes the digestive system and can help people with diabetes and problems with their cholesterol. In general, the body does need some sugar. The brain requires glycogen from the liver in order to function. Eating a little bit of honey every day, in very small portions provides the body with the sugar it needs. It also allows the system to harness its many other healing benefits.

If you suffer from allergies in the springtime, try taking a spoonful of honey daily. Make sure the honey is organic and comes from local bees. If you stick to taking one teaspoon of honey daily, you will find the results accumulate over time, and your allergies will become less and less until they are a thing of the past.


Organic Honey

Organic honey is the best honey there is. The strict guidelines and testing honey must undergo in order to be certified as organic ensure that it is of high quality and free of pesticides, antibiotics residue and other such garbage that you don’t want in your food.

Organic honey comes from bees whose path is monitored. Their source of pollen has to meet organic standards so that the honey they produce is also of organic. It may appear very simple, yet has a vast impact in yielding a superior product.


Some Warnings and Side Effects

Make sure you buy organic honey. This is especially important considering what is sold as conventional honey is not even real honey. If you want to be sure you are getting the real deal, you need to go organic.

Some side effects of honey are that some people report getting diarrhea from honey consumption. Also, infants cannot be given honey due to the risk of botulism. As a raw product, bacteria can grow in it which may cause botulism. For this reason, it is best to take care when administering honey to weak individuals.

Honey has life-affirming goodness and is as sweet as a perfect summer day!


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