How to Motivate Yourself to Study when You aren’t in the Mood




One thing every student struggles with is trying to motivate themselves to study when they aren’t in the mood. Despite the fact that the majority of nursing students understand the importance of preparing for exams systematically, yet they tend to put it off till the very last moment.

Procrastination leads to experiencing the full force of apprehension, anxiety and terror. The best way to deal with this is to discover the real reason for not being able to study.

Students are motivated by two factors:

Their aspiration to feel pleasure by doing well, and their wish to keep away from the pain of failing.

If you decide not to study for your exams, it simply means that you have associated more agony with studying, and more happiness with not studying.

The following steps will assist you increase your motivation level.

  •   Make a list of reasons to study that bring you delight.

Such as;

You will feel content and happy because you are well prepared.

You will feel less tense and less stress because you are ready.

  • Make a list of causes, regarding how not studying will bring you pain.

Such as;

You will feel tense and desperate during the exam week.

The amount of study that needs to be done will start mounting since you kept it off until the last minute.

You could fail in your exams and not get your desired job.


  • Explore like-minded students and endeavor to link with them

People who take their studies and exams seriously can learn better in the companionship of others who have the same desire. Therefore, it is better to become a member of a study group.

The benefit is you will be able to weigh your notes and progress against theirs, particularly if you all began at the same time.

Motivation is found to be much more when there is healthy competition.


  • Volunteer to mentor your companions

This is very important because according to Joseph Joubert, “To teach is to learn twice.”

Students learn better and recollect more when they mentor someone else.










Lou Holtz said, It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

I fully endorse his view!

Break down anything related to your studies into small elements or steps, so that every step becomes easier to handle.


  • Turn everything into fun and amusement

When you gain pleasure while working on anything, you are liable to get it finished faster and more thoroughly.


  •  Listen to soft music

Music has a great way of increasing your motivation because it brings out positive emotions. Music energizes you and keeps you focused.


Motivating yourself to study when you are not in the mood is not difficult, once you make studying fun and enjoyable, you will always look forward to having a date with your books.


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