How Hiba finds joy in dancing


By  Dr. Tabinda Habib


 My good friend Hiba, a nurse coworker had recently suffered the loss of her first baby. As with anybody afflicted with such a misfortune, Hiba was totally unwilling to discuss the matter.

Even then, I still wanted to be with her and console her. I decided to help with her daily household tasks because I wanted her to know there was someone in her life who was really concerned about her well-being. She seemed so weak, wiped out, pale, tired and depressed after the episode.

Her husband Asif was not very supportive of her. The baby had been a girl, and he wanted his first born to be a son.

To cut the long story short, I wanted to bring a positive change to Hiba’s life but wondered how I could do this?

I often found myself lost in deep thought.

If only I could arrange some activity to help her get out of that spell of depression.

Naturally, there was lots of resistance from her side. Ultimately I was able to convince her to accompany me to the gym, but somehow she seemed nervous when she saw so many appliances and tools being used there.

One of my colleagues suggested dance therapy for her. She specifically suggested a dance academy called One Stepwhich was managed by  “Lady Bina” -as the community referred to her.

I arranged a meeting with Lady Bina and told her everything about Hiba. Lady Bina turned out to be a very decent and kind-hearted person. She gave me her word to go out of her way and do anything she could for Hiba’s sake.

It goes without saying that it took me quite some time to convince Hiba to enroll herself at the ‘One Step Dance Academy.’

Within a few days of Hiba joining the Academy, obvious changes could be seen in her general psyche as well as her persona. Now anybody could see her smile and she had a bright appearance. She appeared happier and light spirited. It seemed like dancing was proving to be more of a societal workout, because she was seen spending time relating to other dance classmates.

I felt so happy and overjoyed and one day I made an appointment with Lady Bina, to thank her personally.

During our chat at Lady Bina’s office, she revealed some amazing facts about dancing.




  • Burns Calories

As maintained by Lady Bina, dancing not only perks up one’s well-being, but also permits one to acquire the equivalent health benefits and at the same time having the advantage of finicky melodies, learning fresh thrilling moves. It is a remarkable route for blazing calories in a delightful way. Moreover, it enhances one’s stamina and develops picturesque lean muscles too.


  • Improves Brain Function

In conformity with Lady Bina, dance is a workout for your body as well as your brain. Adding details to her testimony, Lady Bina disclosed that since an inspiring dance routine necessitates committing various dance steps to your memory, it also serves to perk up your brain function. This type of motivation assists in preventing wear and tear of brain function as you age.

To be honest, I was feeling humiliated because of my lack of knowledge about so many benefits associated with dancing. To add to my bewilderment, Lady Bina further stated that dancing with music releases the feel-good chemicals in the brain called endorphins that enhance the feelings of cheerfulness.

Lady Bina further added that given that endorphins are unconfined when your body is strained to exercise itself at a definite level, a feeling of euphoria is experienced by you when you become engaged in dancing. Moreover, Adrenaline and endorphins work together in harmony to generate a dancer’s high.


  • Improves Well-Being

As believed by Lady Bina, it doesn’t matter what manner of dance you pick out, whether it is a classical dance, country’s folk dance, ballet, ballroom, country-western or any other style, all are equally effective. Once you learn to converge on artistic expressions and shun depressing feelings, you are sure to gain the maximum benefits of dancing.

Then Lady Bina took me to a room and asked me to look through the peephole. Yeah! Oh my! I could see Hiba dancing with a subtle balance.

I felt the tears of joy pouring down my cheeks, so I parted with Lady Bina, telling myself that my dear Hiba had already taken one step toward her well-being.

Finally, Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain”  ~Author Unknown

This post is written by  Dr. Tabinda Habib.

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