How Well Do You Delegate?


Nurses often find themselves in leadership roles by virtue of the fact that they have to work as a team.

You will find yourself leading others even though you may not have a designated title.

As a leader how well do you delegate?

In this article, I want us to look at how you can become better at delegating and some advantages of delegating.


Define the project

The first thing you want to do is define the tasks at hand and communicate them clearly.

Stop thinking you are the only one who can do the job properly.

Some people suffer from what I call the “me-myself-and-I syndrome.”

They believe if they do not do it, (the task) then it cannot be done properly.

Not true, everyone is skilled to get a task done. Your job as the team leader is to motivate your team to do their best.

Keep your focus on the final result and avoid getting caught up in how things are being done because everyone does things differently.


Match the person to the task

A leader should know what tasks their team members can do.

Avoid giving a task to someone who does not have the skill to do it. This will cause both them and you frustration.

Your leadership responsibility is to monitor the progress of work done.

You need to provide guidance and get feedback.

Remember to thank your team from time to time to make them feel appreciated.


Solve problems

Be positive and helpful. Use phrases like, “I like the way you did this, here is a different way you can do it.”

If problems arise, find a way to tackle them.

Be pro-active and anticipate problems.

Brainstorm different possibilities to solve the problem.

Choose the best solution to the problem.


Advantages of delegating

The advantage of delegating is that you learn to work as a team.

You cannot do everything, and so you reduce your workload and save time.

You also get the opportunity to supervise and train others.

You learn how to communicate and persuade so that others get the job done.

You get better at motivating others.

When the project or task is successful, everyone wins.











Self development

By delegating work, you will develop your own skills.

You will become a better listener because when working as a team leader you will listen to people’s suggestions, frustration and challenges.

You will become a better planner. Your decision-making skills will improve.

The best part of delegating well is that your team members begin to trust you more and are willing to do more for you.


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