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Guest Post by Nursing@Simmons

Why Nursing?

From the emergency room to the doctor’s office, nurses are present to provide some of the most necessary care to their patients. Working long hours, coping with the physical demand of the job, and making many personal sacrifices, nursing- in any capacity- is no easy feat. So why bother pursuing this as a career?


Delivering a Meaningful Experience

Nursing@Simmons, the online master of science nursing program at Simmons College, has recently published an e-book illustrating some of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences by some of the field’s top voices- their defining moments. These nurses have a significant breadth and depth of experience to share, and we are confident that their stories will motivate, humble, and inspire nurses everywhere.


Impacting the Community

Almost all contributors to “Nurse Stories- My Defining Moment” would agree that one of the most rewarding aspects of the job is to see firsthand the impact they make on communities, families, and individuals. Dean Judy A. Beal, DNSc, RN, FNAP, FAAN, has said, “These unique journeys are what make nursing so special and are often made up of defining moments that remain with nurses throughout their careers.” You will find that no two defining moments for nurses are the same.


Continuing Education

Our goal in putting this piece together was to celebrate and reflect on some of those rewarding moments  -those that serve as reminders to nurses that their job truly changes lives. It is our hope that nurses can share in open discussion those unique experiences that help shape their personal journeys in nursing. Though there is a magnitude of nursing experiences present in the e-book, you will find that the contributors’ defining moments have all impacted them in similar ways. Most importantly, it is evident that nursing education continues beyond formal schooling and that some of the most valuable lessons are learned while practicing in the field. These lessons have resounding influence on nurses and nurse educators alike, who continue to foster the growth and development of new nursing leaders.


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We are so proud to share these nursing stories with you, featuring a select group of highly experienced nurses who open up to share in their rewarding careers.

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