What to Eat Before and After You Workout




By now you’ve probably dedicated yourself to living a healthier lifestyle.

Since exercise is an integral part of any healthy existence, you’ve started to get moving.

Whether it is weight training or cardio, your body will benefit from increased use of muscle and the stimulation of the lungs and heart. You know that water is essential to optimal functioning during a workout, as well as before and after.  There are other foods and drinks that are good for you?

To add value to your water, squeeze and add a slice of lemon. You can even grate the peel to get additional benefits from the oils and minerals.



Most people know that it is taboo to eat right before working out.

You want your food to be properly processed to derive full benefit from the nutrition contained in it. Give yourself at least a good hour to digest your meal, before starting light to moderate exercise. You will want to wait longer than an hour if you plan on putting yourself to the test, and pushing a harder workout. Besides, it feels awful to be jumping up and down on a full stomach.

The best foods to eat well in advance of a workout include proteins and natural sugars.

Eat apples with almond butter for a great-tasting and healthy boost an hour before a moderate workout. The sugars will give you energy; the almonds will give you fodder for muscle-building.

Try a bowl of mixed berries for energy without filling you up too much. You can mix raspberries, blueberries, strawberries to give you healthy sugars that will power your brain and body and hone your motivation for the workout.

If you don’t get a chance to eat anything well in advance of your workout, try a handful of nuts.


A great beverage before working out is green tea. Green tea is lightly caffeinated to give you a boost of energy and the antioxidants are excellent for maintaining a healthy system.

A smoothie containing coconut milk, yoghurt and raspberries is great before workouts.



After working out, you want to think of replenishing and rejuvenating your body.

Besides water, a wonderful drink is coconut water. You can crack a fresh young coconut and drink the water right out of the shell, or buy coconut water by the bottle. The minerals and electrolytes will leave you feeling refreshed and glowing with health.

Turmeric is a wonderful root that helps to eliminate inflammation. This helps to keep up a solid workout routine. Being waylaid with aches, pains and cramps can destroy your rhythm and hinder you from following your routine. Black pepper helps to ensure the body absorbs the active ingredients in turmeric. Try juicing turmeric along with garlic and an apple; add freshly ground black pepper and a splash of apple cider vinegar for a wonderful post-workout tonic that will boost your immune system.

An ideal post-workout snack or meal gives you anti-inflammatory properties as well as muscle-building proteins, and the ideal drink replenishes electrolyte.

Consider eating green salads including avocado -a source of healthy proteins and fats with chicken and turmeric as a spice.  Magnesium-rich foods such as buckwheat are good when eaten in moderation. You don’t want to overload your system.

The key to eating healthy before and after a workout lies in moderation.  Choose foods that contain protein, anti-inflammatory properties and electrolytes. Think nuts and meats for protein, turmeric for its anti-inflammatory benefits and coconut water for its electrolytes. It doesn’t get healthier than that!

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  1. Nice tips, Joyce. I often eat fruits before doing exercises, after of course is a lot of water.

    • Joyce says:

      Absolutely true! Fruits give great nourishment. Some are better than others though.

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