Words that Make your Resume get Noticed


With all the resumes recruiters have to read, it’s important that you use the right words to get your resume noticed and put in the ‘potential employee’ pile, -not the ‘forget about’ pile and eventually tossed out.

Can you imagine how many resumes one recruiter has to read? They easily run out of patience and only focus on impressive ones.

In this article, I want us to look at five tips that will get your resume noticed.


Use the first person voice

The way you word your sentences should be in the first person narrative.

Avoid sentences like; “we raised funds.”  Instead, replace it with; “I raised funds.”  Avoid “We prepared a program.” Instead use “I prepared a program.”

This convinces the reader that you wrote the resume yourself, and your strengths stand out.


Use conversation language

Avoid using big complicated words that will make the reader use a dictionary. Recruiters don’t have time for that.

Use conversation language to write your resume.

Using non-conversational words doesn’t make you look smart; it makes you look like you are trying too hard to impress.


Use these ten powerful action verbs

  •  Headed
  • Planned
  •  Produced
  • Developed
  • Launched
  • Sustained
  • Refined
  • Taught
  •  Directed
  • Shaped


Use specific keywords from the job posting

If the recruiter is looking for a nurse with emergency- room experience, make sure you use those terms as much as possible, so the person reading your resume knows you are a candidate.

Some recruiters use software that looks out for specific keywords. If your resume does not have any of the keywords, it will join the ‘forget pile’ and not the ‘potential employee’ pile.

Remember to pay attention to keywords.


Avoid bragging

It’s great to be confident, but you want to be careful not to come across as a show-off.

For example, “I am the best thing that can happen to your company because I am highly qualified.”

Or, giving examples of how every employer you’ve worked for wants you back because you are just great!

You want to be professional and humble. Humility is a great virtue.


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