How Health Care Workers Can Uplift A Coworkers Day.

There are some days that simply do not go well. You can go to work feeling all motivated and in a good mood but things just go wrong.
A patient may fall out of bed or have a medication reaction.
A patient’s family may complain about you.
A doctor may yell at you for someone else’s error, or a colleague may say something nasty to you and hurt your feelings.
On days like these you start to question why you showed up to work.

A lot of self-doubt begins to creep in. We all have days like these.
When you notice that a coworker is having a day like this, it helps them if you do something to uplift them.
Sometimes we forget that our colleagues have feelings too and go about our own business even though we know that they are having a bad day.

There are a few acts of kindness that you can do to uplift a coworker.
What goes around always comes back.

  •  Listen To Them.

When we have a bad experience we usually want to tell someone who is willing to listen to us.
It helps us feel a little better.

Provide a listening ear. Sometimes it only takes 3 to 5 minutes.
Your coworkers know you have work to do and do not expect too much of your time.

Those 5 minutes can mean so much to them.
When you listen to people it shows them that you care about them.
When one is feeling hurt they need someone to show care and concern for them.

  • Remind Them About Their Strengths.

A coworker having a bad day needs to be reminded that they have strengths.
When things go wrong, one naturally tends to feel that they aren’t doing a good job.
Remind them that they are a good worker and that this is just a bad day. Tell them tomorrow will be better.
This will bring back their confidence.

  •  Help Out Where You Can.

When a coworker is having a difficult day, one of the best things that you can do is to help them out so that their stress is reduced.
If you have time to do some of the tasks, offer your assistance.
Avoid an attitude of, “nobody ever helps me anyway!”

Uplifting a coworker does not require you to spend any money.
Acts of kindness go a long way and are totally free.
You just have to take action to do them. Trust me, when you uplift a coworkers day, when it is your turn they will uplift you.

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