The Importance of Visualizing your Goals


Have you met people who go through life with no goals in mind? I’m sure you have. Do you admire their lives? I know you don’t. People who have no goals in life seem to be going around in circles.


Goals give you the motivation to grow and provide you the landmarks to measure that growth. Let’s say you plan on learning to speak a new language like Chinese for instance. As you learn to speak the language, you can converse with others in their native tongue with ease and flexibility. You are able to grow and learn and see your progress along the way.  Having goals will keep you motivated and inspired toward reaching your dream. Having a wish or desire to reach something is a great place to start; however, you have to take the next step, and that is to visualize the goal.
Visualize your goal
To really get serious, you will want to visualize your goal. This means seeing yourself where you want to be. Really go there in your mind. Feel what it will feel like, touch and see in your mind’s eye what the realization of your goal will mean to you. -Go there!
Let’s say your goal is to learn to speak Chinese. Imagine yourself speaking to the native people with ease, sharing interesting information about yourself, laughing and enjoying yourself. Then visualize what you will need to get there. See yourself studying, speaking, having Chinese friends and visiting China.

Why Visualization is important
Goal visualization is important because it sets the intention. Setting the intention leaves no room for doubt. In your mind, when you set an intention to move your arm, you don’t think of whether it will happen or not; you simply move your arm!
Once you learn to apply intention to all areas of your life, your goals will be easy to achieve. Learning Chinese can be just as easy as moving your arm, although it may take more energy, it doesn’t have to take more effort.
If you allow doubts to come into your mind, you haven’t reached the intention phase just yet. However, you can still use visualization to get over your doubt and fear.

Let’s say you want to have more prosperity but you are still doubtful as to how you can achieve it. Start by visualizing a more prosperous you. See yourself enjoying your money. Put as much passion and feeling into the visualization. See the car or the house in every detail. See the color of  furniture you will buy to fill your house. Really go there in your mind.
Now, imagine the steps you will take to get there. See what it will take and feel how you will feel once you have your new house.
Whether you want to lose weight, learn a new language, get a better job or a new car, visualization will help put you on the right path. It will give you the boost you need for self-confidence, inspiration and the motivation to achieve your dreams.

Get rid of limiting beliefs
Visualization works because you make an impression on the subconscious. The more you feel, the more of an impression you make. The subconscious is ‘tricked’ into releasing any blockages that are holding you back from realizing your goals. You are then clear to reach your goals.
A lot of our limiting beliefs come from our upbringing. For example; you were always taught that once you finish school, you need to get a job. You were not taught to be self-employed. This belief can cause a blockage in your mind whenever you try to become self-employed because your mind tells you, you should be employed.


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