International Nurse Supports’ Year in Review

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Have you worked so hard on something and you were so sure it was perfect, only to be evaluated and to learn it is not as great as you think it is? If you’ve had this experience, you are not alone. I’ve been there many times.

Before I go any further, I wish you a prosperous 2016. May all your desires come true!

-May you have good health and plenty of abundance.


This month, for the nurse’s carnival run by Brittney Wilson, founder of the nerdy nurse, we are required to write about the ‘ten most-read posts of the year.’


Popular Posts

If you look at the popular posts title on the right side of this website or if you are using your mobile phone it will appear at the bottom of the page; you’ll notice it has 12 popular posts displayed.

These posts are the most popular for the most recent 30 days. I set it that way, so it tells you and me what nurses are recently reading.

In this article, I will mention the most read posts from January 1st 2015, till December 2015.


Knowing the most popular posts lets you know what interests most readers.

Coming tenth on the list is: “Do you Need an Online Mentor?” This is a recent post written only in September this year, yet it has become very popular.

Ninth place is; “Should I enroll in Nursing School offering a BSN or an Associate’s Degree?” A question that disturbs many nurses today.

Eighth comes: “What to expect as a Male Nurse.” This was an article from a guest blogger. It answers many questions men interested in nursing would have.

Seventh comes: “How to Relate more Easily with Your Coworkers as a Minority Nurse.” This post has remained popular over the years. Written in August 2013, it gets lots of readers daily.

Sixth is another guest post written by;  Gbenga Lawal, RN: “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step” Gbenga talks about his challenges in Nursing School, and how you can succeed.

Fifth is: “Finding the Best Nursing Recruitment Agencies” Yes, you want to know where to look.

Fourth in line is another guest blogger who asks the question; “Should I study to be a Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant?” Something many nurses hoping to further their education struggle with.



Third place comes: “5 ways of dealing with an angry patient.” -Another older post, written in February 2013.  There are so many violent patients these days. Nurses need to be tactful.

The runner up is: “What Not to include in your Resignation Letter.” Oh yes, make sure you don’t burn your bridges when you quit.


Can we have a drum roll..!

-And in the first place comes: “How New Nurses can answer the Question; -Why should we Hire You?” After nursing school, you want to do well in your interview. This post gives a few simple tips you can use to get you ahead of everyone else.


The grand prize goes to…..

-You, for being so awesome this year.

Thank you for following me throughout the year. Thank you for sharing my articles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites. You deserve the grand prize. Without you this list would not be possible.





There are some posts I wrote and thought would go viral. Alas, they got very few readers. I’ve learnt what my readers want from me by what the statistics have told me. Statistics evaluate my work because they don’t lie. Ouch!




How about You? 

Have you reviewed your year?  What do you want to do differently in 2016?

I’d like to invite you to begin 2016 with me by joining the Visualization and Goal Setting Intensive.

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  1. What a great round up. I appreciate the wide variety of subjects in your posts.

    Thanks for participating in the Nurse Blog Carnival.

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Brittney. I always look forward to the carnival.

  2. Joyce- WOW! What a diversity of excellent content! I especially enjoyed the article about an Online Mentor. It’s a little scary to think where I might be without so many marrvy nurse mentors…in clinical practice, and now in my journey as a nurse blogger. Thanks so much for all you do for nurses!

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Carol.
      I’m happy for you because you recognize the importance of mentors. Enjoy your journey as a nurse blogger. It will lead you to many exciting adventures. Blogging is a gift of which I’am thankful daily.

  3. Happy New Year, Joyce!
    Not only are your posts informative, but some of them give me a chuckle (What Not To Include In Your Resignation Letter). From nursing school, to acquiring your first job as a nurse, to transitioning to another role with the profession, your blog provides a wide array of articles to appeal to any reader. I look forward to learning more through your blog.

    • Joyce says:

      That is very kind of you Dr Rachael.
      Thank you for the support and encouragement. I also look forward to learning a lot from you.
      May your year be filled with blessings.

  4. Joyce, I really have enjoyed your website and reading your posts. Your top ten posts are truly inspiring and filled with such great information for nurses to be successful in their careers!

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Cynthia.
      Nursing has been good to me. Writing inspiring posts is something I enjoy. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Great posts Joyce. I like how you presented them.

    I was particularly interested in the post about working with minority nurses.

    Would you consider nurses with disabilities part of the “minority” group?

    So much of your post could apply to working with a nurse with a disability.

    Love to hear your thoughts.

    Happy New Year!

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Donna for pointing this out. For some reason I overlooked that fact. Nurses with disabilities are definitely in the minority.
      If you look Under the Minority Nurse Menu, the article on nurses with disabilities is updated.
      Thanks again Donna. Have a great year.

  6. Love these topics, Joyce! Your blog continues to share great things and I always enjoy reading along. Thank you for the wonderful information you shared last year and wishing you the best success in 2016!

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Elizabeth.
      I also enjoy reading your Blog and Newsletter. It is always informative and inspiring.
      May you have a great year.

  7. You are covering some great territory, Joyce and I cheer you on. I can definitely relate to the idea of thinking you are done with something and then getting feedback that suggests otherwise! 🙂 I give myself permission to process any frustration or disappointment and then reassess the value of the input. Then I can gauge how valuable it is and it usually is very helpful. Back to the drawing board and cheers to collaboration! Keep up your valuable work!

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Beth. We know that we can only improve when we get honest feedback, but many times we don’t want to hear it or accept it.
      Giving oneself time to reassess the input is key to moving up the next level, whether it’s in writing or any other venture.

  8. Great posts. I’m a new follower and will enjoy reading more from you.

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Kathy. I enjoy reading your posts always.

  9. Great group of posts. I know I have read several of these this year myself! Your posts cover such a broad range of questions that many nurses have had at one point or another! Thanks for sharing, and happy 2016!

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Kelly. I appreciate that you read my posts. I value readers like you. Have a blessed 2016.