Nurses and Innovation

Nurses are among the most creative people I know. Most nurses can come up with a solution to any problem they face.

Since their minds are wired to problem solve, it’s no miracle they can be very creative.
Nurses have created sophisticated wound management systems, special sponges to clean wounds, stethoscopes, written books, made creams and so much more.
Who said nursing was only about patient care?

Nurse Nicole 2




There is so much more you can do as a nurse.
It is always satisfying and rewarding when you do something creative.
Today, we feature a nurse who specializes in making dolls.


Meet Nurse Nicole







Entrepreneur “Nurse Nicole” Educates about STEM Careers in Nursing.

Nicole M. Brown, MSN, RN is the Founder of The Nurse Dolls, LLC and an award-winning author of The Adventures of Nurse Nicole

– N is for Nurse & Wash Your Hands. Also, she has developed an animated DVD titled, “Battle of the Germs” depicting a mom and a nurse fighting germs. She has Nurse Nicole and Nurse Linda, which are 18-inch dolls available.

The books, DVD and dolls enhance the learning of children in a fun and creative way.

Also, they provide positive role models for young children and teach them about the largest healthcare profession in the world.
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Ms. Brown holds an AD in Nursing from J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College (class of 1994), BSN from Old Dominion (class of 1997), an MSN from University of Phoenix (class of 2007) and is a current Doctor of Nursing Practice candidate with Walden University (class of 2016).

She is dedicated to providing positive images of Nursing to the world.
Her mission is to educate the world through the Art & Science of Nursing.

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  1. Thanks for the blog post Joyce. I know there are other nurses out there who would like to promote the profession of nursing to their children. Finally, there is a choice for a positive nurse role model for kids.

    • Joyce says:

      I couldn’t agree more. These dolls make great Birthday and Christmas gifts for our kids & grand kids.