Did you Say your Affirmations Today?

Words are so important; did you know that? What we tell ourselves becomes our reality.
If we say negative stuff like; I cannot pass the exam, or I’ll never get the promotion -it will come to pass.
Our words shape our destiny. If you want a great future, then speak positive words.
When I have a tough exam to study for, I begin saying affirmations like; I have passed the exam with flying colors; I have the top grade; I am the best; I never fail.
The more I say these positive affirmations, the more I’m inspired to study because my words influence my brain. Many times, what I speak becomes a reality.

Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a famous experiment.

He Conducted a series of experiments observing the physical effect of words, prayers and music on the crystalline structure of water. He then hired photographers to take pictures of the water after being exposed to the different words.
There was the jug of water that had positive words spoken to it, and another jug with negative words spoken to it. The water jugs were then frozen so they would form crystalline structures. The results were truly remarkable.
The crystals that had positive words spoken to them looked beautiful and sparkled. The ones that had negative or nasty words spoken to looked off-color and very unappealing.
This experiment was done on water crystals; remember, our body is 60% water. Keeping words we speak about ourselves always positive is so important.
As nurses, it’s necessary to begin every day by saying your positive affirmations.
Say them in the morning before you get to work.
Here are 15 positive affirmations you can say daily.
You don’t have to say all of them at once, probably five every day, and add your own to this list.
1. I believe in myself; I am a winner.
2. I get along with my colleagues.
3. I am confident and smart.
4. I am successful in whatever I do.
5. I am relaxed and in control.
6. I am healthy and fit.
7. My patients love me.
8. I do a great job.
9. I am leading a department.
10. My business is thriving.
11. I am debt free.
12. I am happily married
13. My children are great kids.
14. I am always learning and growing.
15. I am beautiful inside and out.

Pat 14




Write these positive affirmations where you can see them like on your mirror, or in front of your car.
You could frame them or place them on your vision board if you’ve made one.
Saying positive affirmations will give you a great start to your day.
It is the secret that successful people use. -They are positive they will win -no matter what.
Decide to be a winner this year. Whether it’s winning in your career, graduating from college, being happy in your marriage or thriving in your business.
Saying your affirmations will get you closer to your goal.


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