How to Maintain Your Resolutions

With a new year comes new challenges and the opportunity to do better than the previous year. You know the saying; “If you fail to plan, -you plan to fail.” I know you’ve made your new year resolutions. Now, how can you keep them?

Study plans
If you are a student, your main aim is to gain more knowledge on various topics, including your area of specialization. You’ll need to break down the topics into subtopics and give a reasonable period to cover them. Dedication and self-discipline are what will enable you to achieve your goal. You can also team up with like-minded friends and have group discussions.

Library times
Aside from having the study plan, spend some time in the library. To keep this resolution, you have to know the time you can focus for a set period, and also understand what you are reading. When you have identified the books you’d like to read, plan to borrow these from the library and make the most use of them when you have them.

Less TV
We spend most of our times glued to the screen. Too much of TV is addictive and not good for you. Stick to your resolution to watch less TV, and engage more in your hobbies. You can plan to do your errands and keep yourself moving and occupied instead of being a couch potato. Everything should be in moderation. If you love a certain show, avoid binge-watching. You need time to rest and get a good night sleep.



Exercising has significant benefits, it will enhance your brain activity. You’ve probably resolved to keep fit this year or to shed some weight. That’s great! First, you will need the motivation and dedication to stick to this resolution. Finding out your BMI and the exercises that are good for the results that you seek is information that will guide you in your exercise plan. And of course, you should never quit! Get a friend who can hold you accountable or even exercise with you.

Striking a balance
All individuals have different roles to play. The way to strike a balance in life and to have a fulfilling and not derailing life is paramount. You may be a student and also a family member, a friend or an intern. You may have noticed that at times you may get carried away with being great at playing one role and not so well with another. To be able to strike this balance, you ought to know what your priorities are and whenever tasks arise, do ensure that you carry them out in order of the urgency and importance attached to them. If you can take your study time seriously, you will be able to have some time to rest or to spend time with loved ones.

Personal development
As you start a new year, you’ll have some expectations of yourself and how you would like to grow and develop by the end of the year. Your goal should be clear and broken down into timelines within which they should be achieved. As the word self-development starts with ‘self’, it all starts with you. You will need to make a commitment to improving yourself on a continuous basis. Writing out your goals will keep track of your progress by reviewing them.

Believe that you can achieve your goals
All actions begin as thoughts. The same can be said about how goals and resolutions are achieved. It all begins in the mind. If you believe you can, you’re right. The same applies when you believe that you can’t. You will have to adopt a positive mentality, resilience, and patience. Humility is also needed to acknowledge when you have made a mistake and needed to get back on track. Never lose sight of your goal and remain focused. Have your mind focused and be committed to achieving your goal. Enjoy each and every moment of the journey from where you are to where you want to be.
Have a resolution realization year!


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