How Minority Students Can Overcome Challenges


As a minority nurse, I know that challenges are a part of everyday life. However, the question for the student nurse is; will you overcome them or allow your problems to defeat you?
Strive to come out victorious and thrive in your career because for every problem; there is a solution.
Read on and find out how you as a minority student can overcome these challenges and succeed.


By being in the minority, you stand out from the rest. You may find that you end up being the only Black or Hispanic or Asian nurse in your class.
Although this may bring about a sense of loneliness, keep in mind that you are never alone. Some of your classmates will reach out to you as study partners. Focus on your studies and on excelling, rather than the fact that you stand out from the rest.


Lack of a supportive environment
If you think you are being treated unfairly, find a peaceful and diplomatic way to talk about your concerns. Speaking up is the first step. However, do this in a well-thought out manner. The main aim should be to ensure that your efforts are recognized and rewarded and that every nurse, regardless of their race, has equal treatment.


Family issues
Families are a source of great joy and support. However, this does not overlook the fact that your support is sometimes required in the form of finances.
As a student, you may become overwhelmed by family demands.
Maybe you have kids and limited resources.
It’s even harder when they are young babies and not young adults who can fend for themselves.
Some students have been forced to quit college, to use the money for other needs.
To overcome financial challenges, student nurses need to plan for college way in advance and work to save money.
Working during your free time and in between classes to earn extra helps.
Communicating well with your family, and reaching an understanding ensures that you will be able to cater for yourself, and not have to cater to all the emergencies that may arise.


It is natural to want to see mentors that look like us.
Someone you can trust and confide in.
Minority nurses may find it hard to find someone that they can relate to and who is also willing and available for mentorship.
This challenge can be overcome by joining mentorship programs for minorities, forums, and groups, or reaching out to an experienced nurse that you look up to, and would like to have as your mentor. There’s no harm in asking them.


It’s only human to feel discouraged and not totally up to the task. Due to the numerous challenges that minority students face, you are bound to feel easily discouraged. However, do not lose faith or beat yourself down.
As a minority, you have a natural gift of faith. Strive to win the battle in your mind first, then resolve to achieve your goal and rise against all the odds stacked against you.


Several minority nurses have achieved academic success and are thriving in their careers. Theirs is a story that is always making history, breaking the limitations and encouraging the younger generation that it is possible -despite whatever comes your way!

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