What Leadership Trait Should You Change?

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Being a leader makes everyone focus on you.
What type of person are you?
Your personality and qualities show most when you are leading, the good ones and the bad.
In this article, I want to look at five traits that you may want to change to improve your leadership qualities and succeed.


The leader who rules with an iron fist
Have you seen a coworker, who has been very friendly at work, get a promotion and surprises everyone by ruling with an iron fist?
They become so controlling and make the work environment unbearable.
Dictatorship is a long lost leadership style. It is counterproductive because the people you are supervising will not respect you, and probably call you Hitler when you are out of sight.
Examine your leadership style.
Are you too rigid? When you approach your coworkers do they suddenly keep quiet if they had been talking?


The leader who complicates problems
Have you ever had a problem and taken it to your supervisor to help solve it?
Suddenly it is magnified to a level that is not necessary.
Do you regret why you even bothered?
Some leaders have this trait. They tend to make problems worse than they are.
As a leader, you should put yourself in the position of a fair judge.
Be kind to people when they have an issue to solve. Avoid looking at it as an opportunity to give them a talk on what you think about them.


The leader who has to have things done their way
‘Do it my way or take the highway,’ is a common trait.
They are not open to any ideas or suggestions. they see ideas that come from others as threats. They are not supposed to think but only do what you say.
If your coworkers make any suggestions, you pretend to take them seriously, but as soon as they are out of sight, their ideas go out of your head as well.
People get tired of working with a leader who never listens to suggestions, and they soon lose interest in them.

The leader who plays favorites
Much as it is human nature to prefer some workers more than others, try to be fair in your dealings with everyone.
Some leaders feel that since they have the power, they can do what they feel like.
What goes around comes around, so always be considerate.
Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.


The leader who loves the title
Have you met the leader who loves the title but does not want to lead?
They also love the money that comes with the position, but they don’t want to do the work.
Whenever they are faced with a challenging situation, they are quick to remind you that they never asked for the promotion and you can deal with the issue yourself.
They do not care what happens as long as they are referred to by the big title and earn the fat salary.
This type of leader is very costly to any institution. If a company is serious about its workers, it will soon get rid of this leader.
Having looked at these five traits, if you have any of them, you may want to change them to thrive as a leader.


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