Why Nurses Should Take An Adventure Vacation

Updated 8/7/2017

It is no secret that nurses tend to be workaholics.
Many times you keep on working for several years without taking a break.





Whether you are employed or running your own business, you need to plan for a vacation because your body absolutely needs the rest.
When it comes to taking a vacation, try something different.


Recently, I decided to take an adventurous vacation.
I decided to go to Kenya and visit the Maasai Mara where I stayed in a resort surrounded by wild animals and nature.



If you love nature and animals, this is one vacation place you ought to visit.
During the day, you can go driving into the national park, and see the most magnificent animals in their natural habitat.
You will see the amazing lion, leopard, cheater, elephant rhino and lots more.



It is also interesting to see how the ecosystem works.
We witnessed a lion that had just killed a buffalo and eaten to its full capacity. It couldn’t move due to a full and bloated stomach.
The vultures were eating the rest of the meat.

Not far off, you could see the hyenas waiting to chew on the remaining bones.




At night you when the world is asleep, you can hear the distant cry of the hyena wondering if there is any more food for him to eat.
Once in a while, you hear the majestic roar of the male lion.
In the early morning, you are woken up by the chirping of the birds and the laughter of the monkeys as they jump from branch to branch.
There are so many benefits a vacation like this can do for you.


Adventurous vacations are always exciting and will definitely take away your stress.
The scenery at the Mara simply looks heavenly.
Man was created to enjoy the natural beauty of nature.

When you are in touch with nature, it makes you feel at peace and enables you to get in touch with your inner self, so that you find inner peace.
Being this serene will give your mind long-term vision and direction, making you able to reflect on your past.
Vacations help boost your creativity, and you will be ready to take on the world.
You will feel healthier and have renewed strength. Nurses work hard and need to rejuvenate from time to time.
Don’t just go to the usual places that you normally vacation to, try something new.

Going to a place that you will never forget, will carry great memories and will be a great adventure for you.
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