5 Tips On Creating A Happy Work Environment.

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Some of the companies that nurses and caregivers find themselves working for may not necessarily have the happiest work environment.

I remember one employer I worked for that did not allow us to have small talk among ourselves.

We were only allowed to talk to the patients. The atmosphere was so cold and stiff and we were miserable.
For you, it may be working in a negative environment where no one is friendly or where your coworkers gossip a lot about one another.

Or it may be working with minimal supplies or being understaffed which makes you always overworked and feeling frustrated.
You spend most of your productive hours of the day at work, and it’s important to have as much fun as possible.


Start with yourself
Determine that you will be positive no matter what.

It all begins with you. Do not wait for another coworker to introduce the fun.

You know that fun will lighten the day -so be determined to enjoy your day.


Bring in a healthy snack.
This could be a fruit or vegetable tray.

When you bring in the snack, do not give it to your coworkers early in the morning or after lunch.

Wait for a time when their last meal was two hours prior, like 3 pm in the afternoon or 10:30 am. They will appreciate it more.


Organize a coworker of the week game.

This is a game where you put everyone’s name in a hat and randomly pick one name.

At the end of the week, everybody says something they like about this person or mentions their strengths.

Buy them a small affordable gift to show that you appreciate them.


Celebrate birthdays.
Ask everyone when their birthday is and collect a donation to buy a cake.

If you can bake the cake it will cut down on the cost.
Make sure you sing “Happy Birthday” for your coworkers.
It does not matter whether you have a melodious voice or not, make sure you enjoy the singing and tell them how special they are.


Organize a pet of the month day.

Ask everyone to bring in a picture of their favorite pet. If they do not have a pet, they can bring a picture of their favorite animal.

After one week take a vote. The winner can get a gift card of about 10 dollars to buy their pet some food, and if they do not have a pet -they can just enjoy the money.
These few tips will lighten the mood of everyone at your workplace.

Share with us some things that you do to create a happy work environment.




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