Specialized Nursing: An interview with a PICC nurse.

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Several people ask me what exactly is a PICC nurse?  and what do they do?

They have also wondered if PICC nurses have enough work to do on a full-time basis or for 40 hours a week.

Last month I decided to interview James Romley a PICC nurse working for a private company.


 What is a PICC Nurse?

A PICC nurse is a specially certified registered nurse who can place a “peripherally inserted central catheter” (PICC) which functions as an intravenous line.


How did you get trained and for how long?

I was trained by the organization that I work for and then received my certification after six months.

Certification may vary depending on where you get the training, more often than not it takes about six months.


Did you need special skills?

I was good at inserting intravenous lines and had many years experience.

I enjoyed doing this kind of work and decided to venture out and work full-time as a PICC nurse.


 Do you think many patients need PICC Lines?

Yes I do, because PICC lines are used to obtain blood for lab tests without the need of another needle stick, and for giving intravenous infusions.


What are some of the challenges and risks that you face in your work?

Sometimes the patient may have very bad veins. Their veins may be scarred due to having many intravenous infusions. This makes it very difficult to access the vein.

Other times the catheter may move out of position and there may be risk of causing a blood clot.

The insertion site can also get an infection, or a piece of catheter may break off and travel up the blood stream.


What happens if any of these situations arise?

One may have to remove the catheter from one arm and insert it in the other arm.

If a patient gets a clot in the vein, then that needs immediate medical attention and treatment by a doctor.

If a catheter broke off and I was unable to locate it, then surgical intervention would be required.

Thankfully theses complications very rarely happen.


Do you enjoy what you do?

Absolutely, it’s very fulfilling work and I would not change it.

I could tell that James liked what he did.

What are your thoughts about this area of specialized nursing?


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