How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Preceptor.


The new trend nowadays is that new employees do not have the luxury of spending too much time in orientation.

The orientation period is getting shorter and shorter and you are expected to be working on your own after a few weeks. With some companies, orientation may only be a few days unless you are a new graduate.

The days you spend with your preceptor should be spent wisely with the goal of learning as much as possible.

There are 6 ways that I want us to focus on, on how to get the most benefit from your preceptor.


benefit from preceptor.


The first thing you need to do is to drop your ego.

You may have plenty of experience from your previous job, but remember it is not about proving how much you know.

When you start a new job, the preceptor’s role is about showing you how things are done in that particular organization.

Trying to show your preceptor how much you know only puts them off and that can mean an unfriendly beginning for you.

The best attitude is to be open to learn new ideas and to be respectful.


Know the difference between a preceptor and a clinical instructor.

Remember your preceptor is not your college clinical instructor.

Do not expect them to teach you everything from the text book. The assumption is that you graduated and have a basic idea of all the skills.

Be grateful for the fact that they have accepted to precept you.

I have seen many new healthcare employees walk around with an attitude of entitlement. They complain that the preceptor has not taught them everything they expect.

The preceptor does not have to teach you anything really. Think about it. It is a privilege to have a preceptor.

There are some jobs where people are expected to figure things out by a certain time, without a preceptor.


Be motivated.

Some new employees are so unmotivated when they approach the preceptor that one wonders why they even applied to work in that particular organization.

Demonstrate interest in the job and ask relevant questions.

When you leave work continue to do research for yourself.  Do not be totally dependent on your preceptor for everything.


There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

People tend to forget that things can be done in so many different ways and still bring the same results.

Some new employees get all bent out of shape when the preceptor does a skill in a different way than they know. Particularly nurses because we use so many skills.

Different skills can be used as long as the method does not endanger the life of the patient.

The important thing is to observe, learn and ask questions.


Thank them.

Saying thank you goes a long way in building good relationships.

When you are new at a job you want to start forming good relationships.

Your preceptor will be a channel that will tell others about you. You want them to have something positive to say. Remember your preceptor can be your best support so be kind to them.


3 things you want to avoid doing.

There are 3 things you want to avoid doing when you have a preceptor.

  • Do not show them that you do not trust them.
  • Do not tell them how smart you are.
  • Do not gossip about them.


Share some of your experiences on following a preceptor or being the preceptor.


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