How To Forgive Your Coworkers.

Beautiful Butterfly Forgiveness

In the previous article, we looked at some reasons as to why it is difficult to forgive a coworker.

When you forgive you are a strong person.

In this article I want us to look at how to forgive.


  • A Gift to You

Remember that forgiveness is a gift to you.

Allow yourself to let go of the anger because this gives you freedom.

Think of a butterfly.

A butterfly has four stages of development.


The first is the egg stage.

This can be seen as the hurt caused to you; the beginning of the problem.

The second is the caterpillar stage.

All that caterpillars do is eat all day long.

This can be viewed as you dwelling on your hurt all day long.

The third stage is the pupa stage. In this stage, the caterpillar looks like a cocoon.

Cocoons look all wrapped up and hard.

Some people remain in the cocoon stage, wrapped up in their problems after they have been hurt.

Imagine if butterflies remained as cocoons? We would never admire them.

The adult or grown stage is the beautiful butterfly.

So many beautiful colors and flying around making everyone smile.

When you let go of anger, you become like that beautiful butterfly.


  • Make a Decision

In order for you to forgive your coworker, you need to decide in your mind that you will forgive them.

This is like giving yourself a command.

When you set your mind to doing something, the other areas of your body follow that command.

Your emotions start to feel less hurt and the tension in your body soon disappears.


  • Peace

Forgiveness does not necessarily mean that you become friends with the offender. It is more about giving you peace in your heart.

I like this quote by Hannah More, “Forgiveness is the economy of the heart. Forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred and the waste of spirits.”

Life is a beautiful gift to us. You should avoid looking at everything through your hurtful experiences.

Instead focus your life on positive things like joy, kindness, beauty and gentleness.


  • Turn Evil to Good

The hurtful experience you face can be turned to good. You can learn from the experience and become wiser.

If you find that you want to forgive but it seems impossible to do it by yourself, you can consult a therapist to help you through the process.


I would like to hear some of your experiences.


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  1. Rim says:

    I like your site!

  2. Amedar says:

    Hello! I wish to say that this article is amazing, nice written and come with approximately all important infos. I would like to see more posts like this .

    • Joyce says:

      I’m happy you like the article.

  3. Ann Najjar says:

    My problem is that I never forget. I am not sure if I forgive properly or thoroughly enough because I always feel reserved when dealing with a co-worker who has offended me in the past. I am able to work with them. That’s not a problem. It’s having the interpersonal relationship with them that I have the problem with.

    • Joyce says:

      It is not easy to forget. It takes time. Sometimes for the sake of a smooth working relationship you may need to remain professional in your dealings with the person that hurt you.
      In this article I talked about forgiveness being about you. You do not necessarily need to be their friend. Look at the whole picture. Sometimes we feel hurt because we do not consider the source.
      Some coworkers have a reputation of hurting almost everyone. I would not lose sleep over such a coworker.
      Look at the hurt as an opportunity to grow. Soon you will find that you do not think about the hurt so often.