6 Things To Avoid At The Office Holiday Party.

When the year comes to a close, companies usually feel that it is the best time to give the office party and show their employees that they have not forgotten about them.

One such company that I worked for some years ago went out of its way to plan for the year-end party.

They rented an expensive restaurant and paid for an elaborate dinner.

Only nine employees out of eighty-seven showed up.

The director was so upset and gave us the talk about how much money the company had spent.

After that, we expected him never to hold another party.

But no! We continued to have office parties every year, except they were now mandatory. Missing a party was equivalent to not showing up to work.

Whether your office party is mandatory or not, I want to talk about some things that you must avoid doing during these parties.


  • The Dress Code

Avoid going to the party dressed in baggy jeans and a loose T-shirt.

Find out what the dress code is. You do not want to stick out like a sore thumb.

If you are not sure, wear official attire that does not draw any undue attention.

Dress the way you would if you were attending an interview.


  • Excessive Eating

Food at these parties can really be appealing and tasty.

However, you do not want to look like you have not had a meal in days.

Avoid piling your plate with food. You will look like a glutton.

Remember, it is your coworkers who are watching you, and they will talk about anything that is out of proportion.

If you are truly hungry, instead of piling lots of food on your plate, only fill up 50 percent of the plate. Then keep going back a second, third and fourth time while having conversations with different people.

People are unlikely to notice how many helpings you went for as long as you mingle.


  • Excessive Drinking

Companies like to provide lots of free alcohol. This does not mean that you should drink all the beer that your stomach can hold.

During one party, one of the new employees drank so much alcohol that she started dancing on the table.

That’s the stuff you do when you are with your personal friends. Not at the office party.


  • Over Dancing

You may be an excellent dancer. Maybe you should be on the TV show, “Dancing with the stars.”

The office party is not the place to show off your talent.

Moderation is the word of the day. Whatever you do, remember that word.


  • Asking For a Promotion

Everyone is usually in high spirits during the office party. Some of you may look at it as the opportunity to corner your boss and ask for that promotion that you have been eyeing.

It may come across like you are trying to manipulate your boss.

Making conversation is okay, and getting to know them in a social gathering is just fine.

If you want to be strategic, be smart about it.

Do not appear pushy, but use this time to give a good impression.

If you impress them, they will support you when you need it.


  • Making Negative Announcements

During one office party, the manager decided to announce that there will be no salary increase as the company had made losses during the year.

We were having so much fun until that point.

That was when everyone decided that it was time to go home.

Save those announcements for another day during a staff meeting.


During the office holiday party, the most important thing we should remember is that it is a business function wrapped in a social context.

Your behavior is still being observed. Be careful to act in a way that makes you look good.


I would like to hear your comments about your office party.

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