How Nurses Can Handle Daily Stress


Nursing has demands that cause stress in most of us. More often than not, whenever you catch up on your work and personal life, there is more stress from somewhere unexpected. At work, you are faced with demands you can hardly cope with. In a 2016 risk appraisal survey report sponsored by ANA, revealed that nurses experience a higher than average level of stress compared to other adults. To deal with the problem, you ought to understand it and know its source. Stress has side effects and can affect your body by causing: Sleep disturbances and heart problems. Chronic pain […]

Why Your Image as a Nurse Matters

Nurse Scrubs

When one’s uniform is primarily scrubs, lowering the standards of appearance is a few short steps in the wrong direction. Nobody sets out on a given day to look like a slob, but if one’s uniform will soil before the end of the day what’s the motivation for arriving dressed to impress? It turns out, there are many reasons a nurse should care about image, and image is about more than clean scrubs. A nurse’s image will usually fall under the purview of a hospital or clinic’s dress code policies, but it’s also a reflection of the most important asset […]

Cast Your Vote!

Nursing Blog

Guest post by Megan Gallagher L.N. Smith’s quote has been imprinted on my heart since the day I first heard her perspective on ethical consumerism. She said, “With every dollar you spend, you cast your vote for what kind of world you want to live in.” The majority of us often waltz into a store to purchase without looking past the brand or price. We consume countless products every day but lack the true knowledge of what we are consuming. There are three main problems we have in our world today that stray us far from ethical consumerism. The first […]

What Memories do Thanksgiving Bring You?


      When you think of Thanksgiving, what comes to mind? Is it the turkey you will eat? Or the get together you certainly don’t want to be a part of but have no choice? Whether you look forward or dread the day, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the year. What has your year been like? I’m sure when you began the year you had several plans and goals. Did you accomplish any of them? We can choose to look at all the negatives that happened and miss the gems we experienced over the year. Today I […]

How You Can Pass the NCLEX Exam

Updated September 8th, 2017   The NCLEX exam is one that all nurses cannot avoid if they intend to be licensed and work in the USA. When I was about to do my exam, I wished the Board of Nursing would just look at my experience and tell me it’s OK to practice as an RN. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. I had to prepare and take the NCLEX. Thinking about the NCLEX exam made me feel very anxious and nervous. However, I visualized myself having passed and working as a Registered Nurse. Failing was not an option […]

Why Nurses Should Take An Adventure Vacation


Updated 8/7/2017 It is no secret that nurses tend to be workaholics. Many times you keep on working for several years without taking a break.     Whether you are employed or running your own business, you need to plan for a vacation because your body absolutely needs the rest. When it comes to taking a vacation, try something different.   Recently, I decided to take an adventurous vacation. I decided to go to Kenya and visit the Maasai Mara where I stayed in a resort surrounded by wild animals and nature.     If you love nature and animals, […]

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