What Leadership Trait Should You Change?

International Nurses

Being a leader makes everyone focus on you. What type of person are you? Your personality and qualities show most when you are leading, the good ones and the bad. In this article, I want to look at five traits that you may want to change to improve your leadership qualities and succeed.   • The leader who rules with an iron fist Have you seen a coworker, who has been very friendly at work, get a promotion and surprises everyone by ruling with an iron fist? They become so controlling and make the work environment unbearable. Dictatorship is a […]

How to be Stress-Free No Matter What!

Stress Free

Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed? As a nurse, there is so much that goes on in your daily life. It almost feels impossible to be stress-free. Apart from your stressful job, there are all the other things you have to deal with. Your family, kids, relatives, bills, school and so much. I know this because I’ve been there. It almost seems like overwhelm has become your new normal. After a while, you begin to feel burnt out. Nurse burnout is the reason why I was inspired to write the book Finding Inner Peace. You don’t have to make […]

How Nurses Can Limit Distractions

limit distractions

    Do you get distracted when studying for your exams? How many times have you told yourself you need to focus and get it done? But you keep getting distracted by things around you. In this article, I share tips that will help you limit distractions and focus on your studies and pass your NCLEX exam. Turn off your cell phone Your cell phone is a major source of distraction. With all the buzzing, updating, tweeting, calling and messaging that goes on, you are probably hooked to your phone. Opt to switch your phone off or have it on […]

Happy Nurses Week

  Happy Nurses Week! The National Nurses Week begins every year on May 6 and ends on May 12th. During this time, we remember how nurses are excellent. This month, I want to remind you how special and awesome you are. Nurse are Awesome because they are precious. Sometimes you forget how special you are. Probably it’s because you are always seeking approval from others and are not getting it. As a nurse, I know you love your patients a lot that sometimes you forget how important you are? Always bear in mind that you are special. You are a […]

Why International Nurses Need Evaluation by CGFNS

International Nurses

The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) is a body that works with other health professionals in the United States to evaluate the credentials of nurses and other health professionals, who have been trained outside the country. When I first came to America and was looking for my first job as a Registered Nurse, I met with the Hospital Nurse Director, bringing all my certificates and degrees in a large brown envelope. She needed nurses and wanted to give me the job, but when she looked at my paperwork, it was foreign to her. She asked me where […]

How Nursing Grads Can Handle Student Debt

Guest Post By Drew Cloud Working as a nurse is a career that allows you to help others and give back to the community. It can also open you up to many lucrative opportunities. Unfortunately, there is a drawback to becoming a nurse, and that’s the large student loan balance you have after you have acquired your education. The good news is that there are several strategies that nursing grads with student debt can use if they put their heads down and visualize their goals. Student Loan Forgiveness If you work as a full-time nurse and you have Perkins loans, you […]