The Healing Benefits of Honey

Honey is the queen among sugars. It is a glorious golden color, ranging in shades depending on what plants the bees sourced their pollen from, flowing from the spoon directly to your mouth. Honey is also an antiseptic and is good for the liver and tough on cancer. It tastes divine and is fit for the gods! Today, people are more health conscious and are constantly searching for ways to strengthen the body and increase their overall well-being. Some people are turning to honey whereas others are shunning it. Why would anyone turn their back on this health-giving substance? Too […]

5 Simple Exercises for Busy Nurses

  We all know we need to exercise. The only problem is, many nurses are so pressed for time it’s just not possible to go to the gym or go jogging or walking after work. Some nurses work overtime or are just so stressed that they don’t have any motivation for more strenuous, difficult exercises. You don’t have to resort to simply cutting out exercise. You can start by incorporating the following simple but very effective exercises into your routine.   Prime Discounted Monthly Offering Reach up and Bend Down This is an easy move that will help stretch your […]

5 Foods Nurses Can Eat to Reduce Fatigue

.   Guest Post by Dorine Otinga Fatigue and energy deficiency are problems every nurse suffers from. Your work needs the full focus of your body and mind. When you are overworked,  you become irritable and exhausted.   If you are feeling fatigued and sapped of energy, consider re-evaluating your nutritional regime. Bear in mind, that though it is always fascinating to look great, it is more important to feel great. In this article, I want to share five foods you can eat to reduce fatigue. Never skip your breakfast. Start your day strong by having a good breakfast. I […]

Stay Young and Healthy by Eating Garlic

Garlic is so full of flavor, found in many of our favorite dishes and is an integral part of Italian and Indian food, tasty soups, hearty dinners and warm lunches. But its health benefits are what make it so absolutely essential to an organic lifestyle. Garlic is an antibacterial, anti-fungal and helps regulate stomach acids that prevent an upset stomach. Eat a clove or two of raw garlic in the morning on an empty stomach to reap the rewards. This is nature’s antibiotic, but you have to take it the right way to get full mileage out of it.   […]

Aunt Fatma’s Sweet Dessert and Benefits of Almonds

  Last year we were in Hyderabad Deccan, a celebrated city of India where my parents originate. We were there attending the marriage ceremony of the daughter of my mom’s brother Moeez.  Moeez is a dental surgeon and the husband of a gorgeous doe-eyed Turkish lady called Fatma. Aunty Fatma has a very likable and delightful personality and has learned all the prosperous traditions, majesty and elegance of the Monarchy of Nazism. All the wedding guests were hosted at aunty Fatma’s impressive mansion. One specialty among the lavish desserts was a sweet, comprising of almonds and coated with sheets of […]

Want to fight Cancer? Eat your Veggies!

I’m sure you have a family history or a close relative or friend, who has suffered from cancer. It may have been breast, colon or prostate cancer. Some people will develop cancer even though they do not have a family history. You want to be smart and proactive, and defend your body against cancer. Preventive medicine has been practiced by many societies, and it’s truly the best path to health and wellness. Studies have been done in societies that eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables, and the results have shown a significant lower level of cancer among these communities.   What […]

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