Do you know where to find NCLEX review classes?

The worst feeling you ever could have is when you attempt the NCLEX exam and fail. Failing the NCLEX exam will crush you and make you lose all the confidence you had. Not to mention you’ll have to deal with the embarrassment of telling your family and friends you actually did not pass the exam. To avoid all this drama, it’s best to be well prepared for the exam. NCLEX – RN is the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. NCLEX – PN is the National Council Licensure Examination for Practicing Nurses. One recommendation I make to every foreign-trained […]

Reflect on 2014 and don’t wait to be Perfect in 2015

Are you like me who thinks this year flew by so fast?  Honestly, I feel dizzy when I think how quickly 2014 ended. During the final Sunday of the year, we were asked to skip over a rope, leaving the cares and disappointments of last year behind, and move into the new year with great expectations. When you reflect back on 2014, what kind of year was it for you? Did you make any mistakes? What did you learn from those mistakes? Most people plan to do things but never get started. Some of the barriers to starting are waiting […]

Program to Improve and Sustain Heart Healthy Behaviors among Minorities and Older Women

Post By: Scott Evelyn, Cigna President and General Manager, Tri-State Market.   About Heart Disease and Women Although many patients think of heart disease as striking men more often than women, you as health care professionals know all too well that more women than men die from heart disease each year. In terms of the statistics, approximately 43 million women in the U.S. are affected by heart disease and almost half a million American women will suffer from a heart attack every year, according to the American Heart Association. Recognizing heart disease can be especially challenging for men and women because […]

What’s Your Reason for not Blogging?

When I started my blog three years ago, my goal was to get my message out there. I wanted to share my message with other international nurses to make their relocation to America easier. Do you have a message you want to share?  I know many nurse entrepreneurs who run businesses like; CPR classes, NCLEX tutorials, home health companies, STNA training, and lots more. The question is, do you have a blog that tells others about your business?   Let me tell you a secret, -when I started this blog, I wanted to get my message out there, write my […]

Want to fight Cancer? Eat your Veggies!

I’m sure you have a family history or a close relative or friend, who has suffered from cancer. It may have been breast, colon or prostate cancer. Some people will develop cancer even though they do not have a family history. You want to be smart and proactive, and defend your body against cancer. Preventive medicine has been practiced by many societies, and it’s truly the best path to health and wellness. Studies have been done in societies that eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables, and the results have shown a significant lower level of cancer among these communities.   What […]

Happy Thanksgiving from International Nurse Support

  Thanksgiving is a long time tradition in American culture. The holiday itself is not religious. It is, however, linked to patriotism, being  American, tradition and family. It‘s a time to give thanks and invite friends and family to celebrate the good things the year has brought.   If you are reading this article, I want to thank you for being  a faithful reader of this blog. You keep me going, and you motivate me to keep blogging.   Many Americans love to cook Turkey because of the history behind this meal. One meal you could add as a side […]