Happy New Year

As the year closes and we wake up to a new year, it’s important to take a couple of hours to reflect on your past year and congratulate yourself for the achievements you made.   Did you lose the weight you planned to? How about your relationship with your family, is it any better? How about your career? Did you graduate? How many classes do you need to take to complete?   After reflecting on your Successes, look at what you failed to achieve. It does not mean you are a failure; it probably means you need to re-strategize. What […]

What Traveling Taught Me

Today, I was reflecting on what I did last year.  As far as I can remember, I have never traveled so much in one year. Some of the traveling I did was for fun and adventure, while some of it was to visit relatives or attend a funeral of a family member in Canada. I even traveled to attend two conferences; one in Pennsylvania and the other in Texas. I have a friend who travels two hundred days in a year; she would probably laugh at what I call ‘a lot,’ -but being somewhere different every month was plenty for […]

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here. During this Thanksgiving season, I decided to focus on what I am grateful for. I decided to write a gratitude journal, and whenever I feel down or find that I am about to complain about something, I think of something to be grateful for -and take a step further by writing it in my journal. Gratitude makes you realize that your life has meaning. Nowadays, there is so much negativity in the air that it’s easy to forget how fortunate you are. I am sure if you look around you will find so […]

Coping With Post Election Anxiety

Today, my favorite twitter hashtag is # TGIO. I don’t follow what people post, but I like what it stands for; “Thank God it’s over!”   The elections this year were very different. It’s because they touched on our values as human beings. The question we are all left asking ourselves is: Am I valuable? How do others see me? Do others think I am a racist, terrorist, thug, rapist or what? A lot of negatives came out during the campaigns.   Many words used were hurtful to the listeners, which has resulted in post-election anxiety. In this article, I want […]

Nurses and Innovation

Nurses are among the most creative people I know. Most nurses can come up with a solution to any problem they face. Since their minds are wired to problem solve, it’s no miracle they can be very creative. Nurses have created sophisticated wound management systems, special sponges to clean wounds, stethoscopes, written books, made creams and so much more. Who said nursing was only about patient care?       There is so much more you can do as a nurse. It is always satisfying and rewarding when you do something creative. Today, we feature a nurse who specializes in […]

How to Advance from an OK Manager to a Great Manager

Nurse Managers are hired daily, and lots of nurses apply to be Nurse Managers. If you ask the staff what kind of manager they have? Many will describe their managers as OK; some will describe them as ‘terrible’ while others will call them ‘great.’ How does your staff describe you? In this article, I want to discuss how you can advance from being just OK or terrible, to great. Having worked with all sorts of managers in my nursing career; I have seen some common traits that make some managers stand out from the rest. Motivation Being a manager or […]