Why Is It Difficult To Forgive A Coworker?

Forgive Nurse Coworker

Caregivers and nurses like everyone else find themselves in situations where they are hurt by a coworker. When a coworker causes hurt, you feel so much pain and you find that you are struggling with forgiveness. Many people find it difficult to forgive a coworker that has offended them. This is a two-part article where in this first part I want us to focus on the causes and effects of hurt and look at what forgiveness means.   Definition When I looked at the Oxford dictionary for the meaning of forgiveness, it defined it as, “to grant free pardon and […]

Go for Gold! What Can Nurses and Caregivers Learn?

Go for Gold ! What Nurses and Caregivers Can Learn.

David Rudisha of Team Kenya got the gold medal for the 800 meters in this year’s Olympics. He went further and broke the world record finishing the race at a record time of 1 minute 40.91 seconds. The 800 meters race is one of the most challenging races to win. There are a few lessons that nurses and caregivers can learn from David Rudisha.    Right Mindset David Rudisha had his mind-set on getting the Gold Medal. That was his goal. Nurses and caregivers need to have a mindset of succeeding in whatever ambition they may have. It may be to […]

6 Tips on Caring for Your Loved One When They are Suddenly Hospitalized.


    Unexpected hospitalization can suddenly happen to your family member or loved one. It is usually quite a scary experience because we all fear the worst outcome. You may find that you do not know what to do because you are filled with panic. In this article I will give you some tips on how to care for your loved one when they are suddenly hospitalized.   Participate in the care You want to be involved in their care in a positive way. This includes researching the disease so that you can better understand what is going on. You […]