Gaining the Courage to Get Back to Your Nursing Career

    It is sometimes necessary to take some time out from work. This may be due to family reasons like having a baby, or you may take time out to travel or take care of a loved one. There are several reasons why people take time away from work, and it may last from less than a year to several years. Many people feel overwhelmed by emotions when it comes to returning to work. Often, if the reason you left was to give birth or take care of a loved one, you may feel hesitant about leaving them. It […]

Don’t Make Your Day Off Another Double Shift !

Stress Free

Many health workers fall into the trap of making a long “to do” list on their day off. This makes the day off feel like another double shift. Then when they return to work, it’s no wonder they are so tired. Being tired is a real issue and can affect your body in a negative way. Symptoms can start mild and get progressively worse. Mild headaches can become severe migraines. Your day off ought to be a time to rest. It sounds so simple, but not many nurses ever do it. Few nurses nowadays take the time to rest. If […]