Why Gratitude Is an Essential Attitude for Every Nurse.

    There are days when you have negative experiences at your place of work. You may catch yourself still dwelling on negative thoughts surrounding the experience three days later. What you have done to your mind is allow the negative thoughts to occupy a space that should be occupied by thoughts of gratitude and positivity. As nurses, an attitude of gratitude is essential for our survival in this career. The work that we do can be stressful at times. When all is going well, it is easy to be grateful.  It’s when things are not so great that we […]

May Challenge – Give A Nurse A Gift!

National Nurses Week

              May is the month that nurses are remembered and honored. “National Nurses Week” is celebrated annually from May 6th to 12th . Nurses are professionals that are dedicated to caring for others.       At this time of the year, you have an opportunity to show a nurse that you care for him or her. Think about the things that your nurse did for you or your loved one. Your nurse took care of you or your loved one when they could not take care of themselves. They fed and nurtured them […]