Spiritual Support at the End of Life

          Our patients are often faced with end of life decisions. Some of these decisions are medically related like; should they continue being dependent on the ventilator or do they want to get off and face whatever happens? Some decide not to have resuscitation should their heart stop beating. Other decisions are financial and have to do with their family or lawyers. The emotional and spiritual decisions are often left to the people who spend the most time with them, and in this case it’s the nurses. For you to assist your patient with spiritual decisions, […]

Do you know what it’s like to be an ER Nurse?

  A guest post: By Matt Zajechowski Many nurses have no idea what it’s like to be an ER nurse. Anything can happen in the emergency room- and because of that, emergency room nurses have to be prepared for anything. While working shifts that often last longer than ten hours, emergency room nurses tackle a variety of tasks that keep patients safe while also keeping their family members informed of what’s happening in a caring manner. Their education through nurse practitioner programs has prepared them to multitask while remaining calm, efficient, and compassionate. With that in mind, it’s hard to […]

5 Foods Nurses Can Eat to Reduce Fatigue

.   Guest Post by Dorine Otinga Fatigue and energy deficiency are problems every nurse suffers from. Your work needs the full focus of your body and mind. When you are overworked,  you become irritable and exhausted.   If you are feeling fatigued and sapped of energy, consider re-evaluating your nutritional regime. Bear in mind, that though it is always fascinating to look great, it is more important to feel great. In this article, I want to share five foods you can eat to reduce fatigue. Never skip your breakfast. Start your day strong by having a good breakfast. I […]