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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
William Arthur Ward


We talk a lot about gratitude, and many of us want to practice being grateful but are not sure how. One way you can begin to express your gratitude is by giving back.
Giving back is why International Nurse Support is excited and honored to support The Nasio Trust.

What is the Nasio Trust?
The Nasio trust is an organization based in Kenya.

They believe that orphaned children are better supported growing up in a family than in an institution isolated from their community.
The organization finds guardians for the orphans, so they have a parent-figure and extended network in the community.

Nasio trust

They run Early Childhood Development Centres to support the guardians by providing a daily meal, pre-primary school education, and medical care to almost 400 children.
Without the Nasio Trust, the reality for these children would either be death, or incredibly uncertain and unstable futures with little prospect of an education or employment.
The Nasio Trust also helps these communities gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become entrepreneurial – spotting opportunities for viable small businesses, preparing business plans and getting started.


Areas that may Interest you or where you can get involved in include:
1. Medical Volunteers
You can go to Kenya as a nurse or medical volunteer. The George Mudenyo  Medical Clinic needs your service.

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2. Professional Volunteers
If you have a skill that can make a positive difference to the lives of people in desperate need, they want to hear from you!

3. Volunteer as a teacher for Noahs Ark & day Center and St Irene’s School
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4. Assist with the Pads and Panties for girls
Imagine how life would be without the most basic of items; underwear and sanitary products?
Panties and Sanitary products are simple items we take for granted, but for many young people in Kenya, they simply don’t have access to these necessary items.

Many girls miss education during menstruation because they do not have access to sanitary products or panties. The girls then struggle to keep up with their studies affecting their applications for continued or higher education.
Feel free to support this project.
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5. Support an orphaned child with as little as $12 a month

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6. Take an Adventure to Kenya and Tanzania, mountain climb and raise funds for orphaned Children.

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The Nasio Trust was registered as a charity in 2004 by Nancy and Jonathan Hunt, but the mission really started in 2000 when Nancy’s elderly mother, Irene Mudenyo, found an abandoned baby in a sugarcane field.

From there the Early Childhood Development Centers developed to take care of orphans after Irene passed away.


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For More Information, Contact the Nasio Trust