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Finding Inner Peace




Finding Inner Peace








The Foreign Nurses Guide to Settling in America

The Foreign Nurses’ Guide to Settling in America is an instructive and unique resource you can keep at your fingertips if you are a foreign nurse who is currently living or planning to settle in America.

Arriving in America is just the tip of the iceberg for adjusting to this fast-moving country.

Before you can thrive , you need the facts on how to prepare yourself.

I know from experience that settling down as a nurse can be an adrenaline packed experience.

You will face challenges that change your life, and having a nurse’s perspective handy in your pocket can make all the difference in the world.

Give yourself the best support available by seeking out an in-depth and insightful guide to not only help you settle in, but to help you succeed and thrive.

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Reflections and Prayers for Nurses

How do you cope with stress and challenging situations?

When you seek to get answers from the bible, you get a different perspective.

Reflections and Prayers for Nurses is a book that gives you time to reflect on the goodness and mercies of God. You will get inspired and energized after reading this book.


In each chapter, you’ll find simple ways to apply Gods truth to your personal life.

The scriptures mentioned here bring you to a closer understanding and relationship with the Lord.

Sometimes, all you need is to set aside time for quiet moments with God.

This book provides straight forward answers that you can apply to your life today.


What readers are saying about this Book

I am sending you this note of gratitude for your wonderful and inspiring book.

I was able to receive a copy and have been blessed to read it from front to back.

Even as a well-seasoned and long time nurse, I found your words to be very uplifting.

Thank you for your time and hard work that you spent to accomplish this publication.

May your copies reach many hands and hearts, all to His glory!

Deb Newman, RN


“Joyce Fiodembo’s book, ‘Reflections and Prayers for Nurses’, is a heartfelt read of inspiration.

I enjoyed the reflection questions and personal shares as Joyce gets personal, vulnerable and shares the greatest gift of all.

This book can be an uplifting resource for any nursing student, new or experienced nurse, or even to those contemplating the nursing profession.

Thank you for sharing this book with us all. Incorporating faith and spirituality into the nursing profession is another tool to up-level practice.”

Elizabeth Scala, author of bestselling ‘Nursing from Within’,